Chronology of Poetic Landmarks (1660-1800)


Daniel Defoe born (d. 1731)
Dryden, Astraea Redux



Richard Bentley born (d. 1742)
Rev. Samuel Wesley born (d. 1735)
Samuel Butler, Hudibras (part 1)


Joseph Stennett born (d. 1713)
Butler, Hudibras (part 2)


Matthew Prior born (d. 1721)


Mary Pix (née Griffith) born (d. 1709)


Jonathan Swift born (d. 1745)
John Pomfret born (d. 1702)
John Arbuthnot born (d. 1735)
Dryden, Annus Mirabilis
Milton, Paradise Lost (10-book version)
Abraham Cowley dies (b. 1618)


Sarah Fyge Egerton born (d. 1723)
John Dryden made Poet Laureate



William Congreve born (d. 1729)
Anthony Alsop born (d. 1726)


Colley Cibber born (d. 1757)
Milton, Paradise Regained and Samson Agonistes


Joseph Addison born (d. 1719)
Sir Richard Steele born (d. 1729)


Jabez Earle born (?) (d. 1768)
William Taylor born (d. 1750)


Ambrose Philips born (d. 1749)
Isaac Watts born (d. 1748)
Nicholas Rowe born (d. 1718)
John Milton dies (b. 1608)
Milton, Paradise Lost (12-book version)


Samuel Cobb born (d. 1713)
William Somervile born (d. 1742)
Abel Evans born (d. 1737)


John Philips born (d. 1709)


John Winstanley born (?) (d. 1750)
Mary Monck (née Molesworth) born (?) (d. 1715)


Andrew Marvell dies (b. 1621)
Butler, Hudibras (part 3)


Thomas Parnell born (d. 1718)
Jacob Tonson begins business relationship with Dryden


Benjamin Ibbot born (d. 1725)
Samuel Butler dies (b. 1613)
John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester, dies (b. 1647)


Dryden, Absalom and Achitophel (part 1)


Thomas Newcomb born (?) (d. 1765)
Dryden, The Medal, Religio Laid, and Mac Flecknoe


Edward Young born (d. 1765)


Allan Ramsay born (d. 1758)
Bunyan, Pilgrim's Progress (part 2)
Dryden's poem on the death of John Oldham
Series of Dryden-Tonson Miscellanies begins


John Gay born (d. 1732)
Aaron Hill born (d. 1750)
Thomas Tickell born (d. 1740)
William Diaper born (d. 1717)
Patrick Delany born (?) (d. 1768)
George Berkeley born (d. 1753)
Mary Barber born (?) (d. 1755)
William Harrison born (d. 1713)
Dryden, Threnodia Augustalis


Anne Killigrew, Poems, includes Dryden's ode


Mary Chandler born (d. 1745)
Henry Carey born (d. 1743)
John Straight born (d. 1736)
Dryden, The Hind and the Panther


Mary Collier born (?) (d. 1762)
Alexander Pope born (d. 1744)
Leonard Welsted born (d. 1747)
Bunyan dies (b. 1628)


Shadwell made Poet Laureate


Moses Mendez born (?) (d. 1758)



John Byrom born (d. 1763)
Dryden, Satires of Juvenal and Persius
Tate made Poet Laureate


Hildebrand Jacob born (?) (d. 1739)
Sir William Yonge born (?) (d. 1755)


Thomas Fitzgerald born (d. 1752)
James Bramston born (?) (d. 1743)


Thomas Purney born (d. 1730?)
Blackmore, Prince Arthur


Matthew Green born (d. 1737)


Richard Savage born (?) (d. 1743)
Nicholas Amhurst born (d. 1742)
Dryden, The Works of Virgil
Blackmore, King Arthur


John Ellis born (d. 1791)
Edward Littleton born (d. 1733)
Walter Titley born (d. 1768)


Thomas Edwards born (d. 1757)
Christopher Pitt born (d. 1748)
Joseph Spence born (d. 1768)
John Dyer born (d. 1757)
Robert Blair born (d. 1746)
Garth, The Dispensary


James Thomson born (d. 1748)
Robert Shiels born (?) (d. 1753)
Dryden, Fables
John Pomfret, The Choice
John Dryden dies (b. 1631)
Blackmore, A Satire upon Wit


David Mallet born (?) (d. 1765)
Henry Hervey Aston born (d. 1748)
John Philips, The Splendid Shilling
Chudleigh, The Ladies Defence
Anne Finch, The Spleen


Judith Cowper Madan born (d. 1781)
Glocester Ridley born (d. 1774)
John Pomfret dies (b. 1667)
Benjamin Stillingfleet born (d. 1771)


Rev. John Wesley born (d. 1791)
Gilbert West born (d. 1756)
Edward Rolle born (d. 1791)
Chudleigh, Poems On Several Occasions


Robert Dodsley born (d. 1764)
Soame Jenyns born (d. 1787)


Nathaniel Cotton born (?) (d. 1788)
Henry Pitt born (?) (d. 1733)
Stephen Duck born (?) (d. 1756)
Thomas Scott born (d. 1775)
William Hall born (d. 1767)
John Philips, Blenheim
Mandeville, The Grumbling Hive
Addison, The Campaign


Isaac Hawkins Browne born (d. 1760)
William Dunkin born (?) (d. 1765)
Philip Fletcher born (d. 1765)
Nicholas Herbert born (?) (d. 1775)
Benjamin Hoadly born (d. 1757)
James Miller born (d. 1744)
William Pattison born (d. 1727)


Mary Jones born (d. 1778)
Rev. Charles Wesley born (d. 1788)
Henry Fielding born (d. 1754)
Watts, Hymns and Spiritual Songs


William Ward born (?) (d. 1772)
Thomas Seward born (d. 1790)
John Philips, Cyder
Ozell, Boileau's Lutrin
Samuel Boyse born (d. 1749)


James Harris born (d. 1780)
John Philips dies (b. 1676)
John Dalton born (d. 1763)
Sneyd Davies born (d. 1769)
Walter Harte born (?) (d. 1774)
Samuel Johnson born (d. 1784)
Mary Pix (née Griffith) dies (b. 1666)
Thomas Lisle born (d. 1767)
Thomas Hudson born (d. 1784)
Poetical Miscellanies (includes Pastorals by Pope and Ambrose Philips)
Ambrose Philips, A Winter-Piece
John Armstrong born (d. 1779)


Robert Lowth born (d. 1787)
William Melmoth born (d. 1799)
George Alexander Stevens born (?) (d. 1784)
James Hammond born (d. 1742)
Richard Roderick born (d. 1756)
Mary Chudleigh dies (b. 1656)
Edmund Smith dies (b. 1672)


Rev. John Gambold born (d. 1771)
John Hoadly born (d. 1776)
Henry Taylor born (d. 1785)
Charles Sackville born (d. 1769)


William Thompson born (d. 1766?)
Richard Glover born (d. 1785)
John Sican born (d. 1753)
Edward Moore born (d. 1757)
Pope, Rape of the Lock (two cantos)
Diaper, Nereides
Blackmore, The Creation


Charles Parrott born (d. 1787)
Samuel Cobb dies (b. 1675)
William Harrison dies (b. 1685)
John Perry born (d. 1780)
Jonathan Shipley born (d. 1788)
Joseph Stennett dies (b. 1663)
Lewis Thomas born (d. 1762)
Diaper, Dryades
Gay, The Fan


William Shenstone born (d. 1763)
Constantine Barber born (d. 1783)
Ralph Schomberg born (d. 1792)
Elizabeth Thomas born (d. 1779)
Anthony Whistler born (d. 1754)
Joseph Giles born (d. 1777?)
Gay, The Shepherd's Week
Pope, Rape of the Lock (five cantos)
Edmund Smith, Works


John Brown born (d. 1766)
Richard Jago born (d. 1781)
William Whitehead born (d. 1785)
Richard Graves born (d. 1804)
Pope's translation of the Iliad (completed 1720), Temple of Fame
Watts, Divine Songs for the Use of Children
Nicholas Rowe made Poet Laureate


Thomas Gray born (d. 1771)
Richard West born (d. 1742)
Joseph Trapp born (?) (d. 1769)
Gay, Trivia
Montagu, Court Poems


William Diaper dies (b. 1685)
Richard Owen Cambridge born (d. 1802)
Horace Walpole born (d. 1797)
Fulke Greville born (d. 1806)
Elizabeth Carter born (d. 1806)
David Garrick born (d. 1779)
Pope, Works
Giles Jacob, The Rape of the Smock


Thomas Parnell dies (b. 1679)
Blackmore, The Kit-Cats
Nicholas Rowe dies (b. 1674)
Eusden becomes Poet Laureate


Joseph Addison dies (b. 1672)
James Cawthorn born (d. 1761)
Richard Berenger born (d. 1782)
William Markham born (d. 1807)
Watts, The Psalms of David Imitated
Arbuckle, Snuff Hardyknute
Samuel Garth dies (b. 1661)


James Fordyce born (d. 1796)
Francis Fawkes born (d. 1777)
John Hawkesworth born (d. 1773)
Richard Hurd born (d. 1808)
James Merrick born (d. 1769)
Robert Bedingfield born (?) (d. 1768)
Gay, Poems on Several Occasions
Hughes, The Ecstasy
John Hughes dies (b. 1677)


Matthew Prior dies (b. 1664)
Mark Akenside born (d. 1770)
Thomas Blacklock born (d. 1791)
William Collins born (d. 1759)
Robert Potter born (d. 1804)
Tobias Smollett born (d. 1771)
Samuel Foote born (d. 1777)
James Grainger born (?) (d. 1766)
Thomas Parnell, A Night Piece on Death
Hill, The Judgment-Day
Arbuckle, Glotta
Tickell (ed.), Works of Addison
Montagu, Epistle from Arthur Gray


Mary Leapor born (d. 1746)
Christopher Smart born (d. 1771)
Joseph Warton born (d. 1800)
John Gilbert Cooper born (d. 1769)
John Nourse born (d. 1757)
Parnell, Poems on Several Occasions (ed. Pope)
W. Thomson, Orpheus Caledonius


Sarah Fyge Egerton dies (b. 1668)
Thomas Denton born (d. 1777)
Richard Onely born (d. 1787)
Sir William Blackstone born (d. 1780)
Edward Lovibond born (d. 1775)
A Collection of Old Ballads


Christopher Anstey born (d. 1805)
Ramsay, The Ever Green
Haywood, Poems


Bonnell Thornton born (d. 1768)
John Delap born (?) (d. 1812)
William Mason born (d. 1797)
Francis Coventry born (d. 1754)
Benjamin Ibbot dies (b. 1680)
Pope's translation of the Odyssey (completed 1726)
Young, The Universal Passion (completed 1727)


Anthony Alsop dies (b. 1670)
Thomas Cole born (d. 1796)
John Scott Hylton born (?) (d. 1793)
Thomson, Winter
Savage, Miscellaneous Poems


Hester Mulso Chapone born (d. 1801)
Dr Henry Harington born (d. 1816)
John Hoole born (d. 1803)
Jerome Stone born (d. 1756)
Elizabeth Griffith born (d. 1793)
Arthur Murphy born (d. 1805)
Gay, Fables
Pope, Swift, Arbuthnot, Miscellanies (till 1735)
Broome, Poems
William Pattison dies (b. 1706)
Swift, Stella's Birthday (last poem)


Robert Vansittart born (d. 1789)
Thomas Warton born (d. 1790)
Oliver Goldsmith born (?) (d. 1774)
Pope, Dunciad (three books)
Thomson, Spring
Savage, The Bastard


Sir Richard Blackmore dies (b. 1654)
William Congreve dies (b. 1670)
Sir Richard Steele dies (b. 1672)
William Dodd born (d. 1777)
John Duncombe born (d. 1786)
George Keate born (d. 1797)
Thomas Percy born (d. 1811)
Philip Parsons born (d. 1812)
John Cunningham born (?) (d. 1773)
William Gerard Hamilton born (d. 1796)
Pope, Dunciad Variorum
Savage, The Wanderer
Thomson, Britannia
Wesley brothers found Methodist Society


Charlotte Lennox (née Ramsay) born (?) (d. 1804)
Thomas Purney dies (?) (b. 1695)
John Scott born (d. 1783)
Sir James Marriott born (d. 1803)
Thomson, The Seasons (includes Autumn)
Duck, Poems on Several Subjects
George Woodward, Poems
Young, Imperium Pelagi
Laurence Eusden dies (b. 1688)
Colley Cibber appointed Poet Laureate


William Cowper born (d. 1800)
Erasmus Darwin born (d. 1802)
Beilby Porteus born (d. 1809)
Isaac Thompson, Poems
Charles Beckingham dies (b. 1699)
Daniel Defoe dies (b. 1660)


John Gay dies (b. 1685)
Charles Churchill born (d. 1764)
William Woty born (d. 1791)
Richard Shepherd born (d. 1809)
John Ogilvie born (d. 1813)
William Falconer born (d. 1770)
Elizabeth Pennington born (d. 1759)
Pope, Epistle to Bathurst
Swift, The Lady's Dressing Room


Robert Lloyd born (d. 1764)
James Scott born (d. 1814)
Samuel Whyte born (d. 1811)
Benjamin Hutchinson born (d. 1804)
Henry Pitt dies (b. 1705?)
Edward Littleton dies (b. 1698)
Pope, Essay on Man (completed 1734) and Imitation of Horace Satire II.1
Montagu, Verses to the Imitator of Horace


John Dennis dies (b. 1658)
Charles Emily born (d. 1762)
William Hayward Roberts born (d. 1791)
Eliza Day born (?)
James Arbuckle dies (?) (b. 1700)
Swift, A Beautiful Young Nymph Going to Bed


Rev. Samuel Wesley dies (b. 1662)
James Beattie born (d. 1803)
John Langhorne born (d. 1779)
William Julius Mickle born (?) (d. 1788)
John Arbuthnot dies (b. 1667)
Pope, Epistle to Arbuthnot and Epistle to a Lady
Thomson, Liberty (completed 1736)


Thomas Powys born (d. 1809)
George Canning born (d. 1771)
James Macpherson born (d. 1796)
John Straight dies (b. 1687)
Wesley, Psalms and Hymns
Armstrong, Oeconomy of Love
Harte, Essay on Reason
Elizabeth Rowe, The History of Joseph


Abel Evans dies (b. 1675)
Myles Cooper born (d. 1785)
Matthew Green dies (b. 1696)
Edward Jerningham born (d. 1812)
Pope, Horace's Epistles, I. i, vi, II. i, ii
Shenstone, Poems


Catherine Gilpin born (d. 1811)
Johnson, London
Pope, Epilogue to Satires


Cuthbert Shaw born (?) (d. 1771)
Hildebrand Jacob dies (b. 1693?)
Swift, Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift
Collier, The Woman's Labour
Wesley brothers, Hymns and Sacred Poems


Thomas Tickell dies (b. 1685)
James Boswell born (d. 1795)
Samuel Henley born (d. 1815)
Michael Wodhull born (d. 1816)
Hew Dalrymple born (?) (d. 1774)
Joseph Cockfield born (?) (d. 1816)
Thomson and Mallet, Alfred. A Masque
Sarah Dixon, Poems


Mary Alcock (née Cumberland) born (?) (d. 1798)
Anne Hunter (née Home) born (d. 1821)
Arbuthnot and others, Memoirs of Martinus Scriblerus (first published in the 1741 edition of Pope’s works, but largely written as early as 1714)
James Miller, Of Politeness


Richard Bentley dies (b. 1662)
William Somervile dies (b. 1675)
Richard West dies (b. 1716)
Nicholas Amhurst dies (b. 1697)
James Hammond dies (b. 1710)
Anna Seward born (d. 1809)
Collins, Persian Eclogues
Pope, New Dunciad (i.e. Book IV)
Young, The Complaint, or Night Thoughts (completed 1746)
Shenstone, The School-mistress
Gray, Ode on the Spring (published 1748)


Richard Savage dies (b. 1697?)
Henry Carey dies (b. 1687)
James Bramston dies (b. 1694?)
Blair, The Grave
Pope, Dunciad (four books)


Alexander Pope dies (b. 1688)
Armstrong, The Art of Preserving Health
Thomson, The Seasons (rev.)
Joseph Warton, The Enthusiast
James Miller dies (b. 1706)


Jonathan Swift dies (b. 1667)
Mary Chandler dies (b. 1687)
Thomas Holcroft born (d. 1809)
Hannah More born (d. 1833)
Thomas Warton, Five Pastoral Eclogues
John Brown, An Essay on Satire
William Broome dies (b. 1689)
Henry James Pye born (d. 1813)
William Crowe born (d. 1829)


Mary Leapor dies (b. 1722)
Robert Blair dies (b. 1699)
Collins, Odes (imprint 1747)
Joseph Warton, Odes
William Thompson, Hymn to May


Leonard Welsted dies (b. 1688)
James Barclay born (?) (d. 1774)
John O'Keeffe born (d. 1833)
Susanna Blamire born (d. 1794)
Mason, Musaeus


Isaac Watts dies (b. 1674)
Christopher Pitt dies (b. 1699)
James Thomson dies (b. 1700)
Henry Hervey Aston dies (b. 1701)
Thomas Brerewood dies (b. )
Leapor, Poems
Dodsley (ed.), Collection of Poems (completed 1758)
Laetitia Pilkington, Memoirs


Ambrose Philips dies (b. 1674)
Gilbert West, Odes of Pindar
Samuel Boyse dies (b. 1708)


John Winstanley dies (b. 1677?)
Aaron Hill dies (b. 1685)
Sophia Lee born (d. 1824)
William Taylor dies (b. 1673)
Peter Cunningham born (?) (d. 1805)


Thomas Cary born (d. 1823)
Leapor, Poems (2nd volume)
Gilbert West, Education


Thomas Fitzgerald dies (b. 1694)
Thomas Chatterton born (d. 1770)
Frances Burney born (d. 1840)


George Berkeley dies (b. 1685)
John Sican dies (b. 1712)
Robert Shiels dies (b. 1700?)
Aaron Hill, Works (4 vols.)
Dodsley, Agriculture


Henry Fielding dies (b. 1707)
Francis Coventry dies (b. 1725)
Anthony Whistler dies (b. 1714)
George Crabbe born (d. 1832)
Hannah Brand born (d. 1821)
Elizabeth Tollet, Poems
Samuel Bowden, Poems
Elizabeth Tollet dies (b. 1694)


Mary Barber dies (b. 1685?)
Sir William Yonge dies (b. 1693?)
Robert Merry born (d. 1798)
George Colman and Bonnell Thornton, eds. Poems by Eminent Ladies
Johnson, A Dictionary of the English Language


Gilbert West dies (b. 1703)
Jerome Stone dies (b. 1727)
Stephen Duck dies (b. 1705?)
Richard Roderick dies (b. 1710)


Thomas Edwards dies (b. 1699)
John Dyer dies (b. 1699)
Benjamin Hoadly dies (b. 1706)
John Nourse dies (b. 1722)
Colley Cibber dies (b. 1671)
Mary Robinson (née Darby) born (?) (d. 1800)
Edward Moore dies (b. 1712)
Dyer, The Fleece
Gray, Odes
William Blake born (d. 1827)
William Whitehead appointed Poet Laureate


Allan Ramsay dies (b. 1684)
Moses Mendez dies (b. 1690?)
Dodsley (ed.), Collection of Poems (6 vols.: vol. i., ii., iii., iv., v., vi.)


William Collins dies (b. 1721)
Robert Burns born (d. 1796)
Bertie Greatheed born (d. 1826)
Helen Maria Williams born (d. 1827)
Elizabeth Pennington dies (b. 1732)


Isaac Hawkins Browne dies (b. 1706)
Lloyd, Shakespeare. An Epistle


James Cawthorn dies (b. 1719)
Macpherson, Fingal (imprint 1762)
Churchill, The Rosciad, The Apology, and Night


Mary Collier dies (b. 1688?)
Charles Emily dies (b. 1734)
Lewis Thomas dies (b. 1713)
Joanna Baillie born (d. 1851)
Lloyd, Poems
Churchill, The Ghost
Elizabeth Carter, Poems
William Lisle Bowles born (d. 1850)


John Dalton dies (b. 1709)
William Shenstone dies (b. 1714)
John Byrom dies (b. 1692)
George Monck Berkeley born (d. 1793)
Macpherson, Temora
Percy, Five Pieces of Runic Poetry


Robert Dodsley dies (b. 1704)
Charles Churchill dies (b. 1732)
Robert Lloyd dies (b. 1733)
Evans, Specimens of Ancient Welsh Bards
Goldsmith, The Traveller
Churchill, Gotham (book I, II, III)
Grainger, The Sugar-Cane


Thomas Newcomb dies (b. 1682?)
David Mallet dies (b. 1701?)
Edward Young dies (b. 1683)
William Dunkin dies (b. 1706?)
Philip Fletcher dies (b. 1706)
Macpherson, The Works of Ossian
Percy, Reliques of Ancient English Poetry
Smart, The Psalms of David
Sarah Dixon dies (b. 1672)


William Thompson dies (?) (b. 1712)
John Brown dies (b. 1715)
Robert Bloomfield born (d. 1823)
James Grainger dies (b. 1721?)


Thomas Lisle dies (b. 1709)
William Hall dies (b. 1705)
Jago, Edge-Hill


Bonnell Thornton dies (b. 1725)
Joseph Spence dies (b. 1699)
Robert Bedingfield dies (b. 1720?)
Patrick Delany dies (b. 1685?)
Jabez Earle dies (b. 1673?)
Walter Titley dies (b. 1698)
Gray, Poems


Sneyd Davies dies (b. 1709)
James Merrick dies (b. 1720)
John Gilbert Cooper dies (b. 1722)
Joseph Trapp dies (b. 1716?)
Charles Sackville dies (b. 1711)
Ann Batten Cristall born (d. 1848)
Barbauld, Corsica (published 1773)


Mark Akenside dies (b. 1721)
William Falconer dies (b. 1732)
Thomas Chatterton dies (b. 1752)
William Wordsworth born (d. 1850)


Thomas Gray dies (b. 1716)
Tobias Smollett dies (b. 1721)
Christopher Smart dies (b. 1722)
Maria Falconar born (?)
Cuthbert Shaw dies (b. 1739?)
George Canning dies (b. 1736)
Rev. John Gambold dies (b. 1711)
Benjamin Stillingfleet dies (b. 1702)
Beattie, The Minstrel (completed 1774)
Cawthorn, Poems
King, The Frequented Village
Walter Scott born (d. 1833)
Dorothy Wordsworth born (d. 1855)


William Ward dies (b. 1708?)
Mason, The English Garden (completed 1781)
Samuel Taylor Coleridge born (d. 1834)


John Hawkesworth dies (b. 1720)
John Cunningham dies (b. 1729?)
Barbauld, Poems


Glocester Ridley dies (b. 1702)
Walter Harte dies (b. 1709?)
Oliver Goldsmith dies (b. 1728?)
James Barclay dies (b. 1747?)
Hew Dalrymple dies (b. 1740?)
Pye, Faringdon Hill
Lloyd, Poetical Works
Robert Southey born (d. 1843)


Matthew Gregory Lewis born (d. 1818)
Nicholas Herbert dies (b. 1706?)
Edward Lovibond dies (b. 1723)
Thomas Scott dies (b. 1705)
Mary Robinson, Poems
Jane Austen born (d. 1817)
Charles Lamb born (d. 1834)


(Mary) Matilda Betham born (d. 1852)
John Hoadly dies (b. 1711)
Hannah More, Sir Eldred of the Bower


Francis Fawkes dies (b. 1720)
Thomas Denton dies (b. 1723)
William Dodd dies (b. 1729)
Samuel Foote dies (b. 1721)
Thomas Campbell born (d. 1844)
Joseph Giles dies (?) (b. 1714)
Chatterton, Poems, supposed to have been written at Bristol, by Thomas Rowley, and others (posthumous)
Thomas Warton, Poems


Mary Jones dies (b. 1707)
Anne Wilson, Teisa
William Hazlitt born (d. 1830)


John Langhorne dies (b. 1735)
Elizabeth Thomas dies (b. 1714)
David Garrick dies (b. 1717)
Cowper, Olney Hymns
John Armstrong dies (b. 1709)
Samuel Johnson, “Prefaces” to The Works of the English Poets (1779–81)
Thomas Moore born (d. 1852)


James Harris dies (b. 1709)
Sir William Blackstone dies (b. 1723)
John Perry dies (b. 1713)
Anna Seward, Elegy on Captain Cook


Judith Cowper Madan dies (b. 1702)
Richard Jago dies (b. 1715)
Crabbe, The Library


Richard Berenger dies (b. 1719)
Cowper, Poems
Thomas Warton, Verses on Reynolds's Window


John Scott dies (b. 1730)
Constantine Barber dies (b. 1714)
Crabbe, The Village
Blake, Poetical Sketches


Samuel Johnson dies (b. 1709)
George Alexander Stevens dies (b. 1710?)
Thomas Hudson dies (b. 1709)
Charlotte Smith, Elegiac Sonnets (frequently reprinted)
Leigh Hunt born (d. 1859)


William Whitehead dies (b. 1715)
Myles Cooper dies (b. 1737)
Richard Glover dies (b. 1712)
Henry Taylor dies (b. 1711)
Cowper, The Task
Thomas Warton the younger becomes Poet Laureate on the death of Whitehead


John Duncombe dies (b. 1729)
Helen Maria Williams, Poems


Charles Parrott dies (b. 1713)
Robert Lowth dies (b. 1710)
Richard Onely dies (b. 1723)
Soame Jenyns dies (b. 1704)
Yearsley, Poems on Various Subjects
James Johnson (ed.), Scots Musical Museum (till 1803)


Rev. Charles Wesley dies (b. 1707)
Nathaniel Cotton dies (b. 1705?)
William Julius Mickle dies (b. 1735?)
Jonathan Shipley dies (b. 1713)
Crowe, Lewesdon Hill
Hannah More, Slavery, a Poem
George Gordon Noel Byron born (d. 1824)


Robert Vansittart dies (b. 1728)
Blake, Songs of Innocence and The Book of Thel
Charlotte Smith, Elegiac Sonnets (5th ed.)
Charlotte Brooke, Reliques of Irish Poetry
William Lisle Bowles, Fourteen Sonnets, Elegiac and Descriptive


Thomas Warton dies (b. 1728)
Thomas Seward dies (b. 1708)
Henry James Pye becomes Poet Laureate on the death of Thomas Warton the younger


Rev. John Wesley dies (b. 1703)
Thomas Blacklock dies (b. 1721)
William Woty dies (b. 1732)
William Hayward Roberts dies (b. 1734)
John Ellis dies (b. 1698)
Edward Rolle dies (b. 1703)
Burns, Tam o' Shanter


Ralph Schomberg dies (b. 1714)
Cowper, Yardley Oak
Percy Bysshe Shelley born (d. 1822)


Elizabeth Griffith dies (b. 1727)
John Scott Hylton dies (b. 1726?)
George Monck Berkeley dies (b. 1763)
Blake, Visions of the Daughters of Albion and America: A Prophecy
Wordsworth, An Evening Walk and Descriptive Sketches
John Clare born (d. 1864)
Felicia Hemans (née Browne) born (d. 1835)


Susanna Blamire dies (b. 1747)
Blake, Songs of Innocence and Experience, Europe: A Prophecy, and The Book of Urizen
Coleridge, “Monody on the Death of Chatterton”


James Boswell dies (b. 1740)
John Keats born (d. 1821)
Southey, Poems


James Fordyce dies (b. 1720)
James Macpherson dies (b. 1736)
Thomas Cole dies (b. 1726)
Robert Burns dies (b. 1759)
William Gerard Hamilton dies (b. 1729)
Coleridge, Poems on Various Subjects


Horace Walpole dies (b. 1717)
William Mason dies (b. 1725)
George Keate dies (b. 1729)
Wordsworth and Coleridge become neighbours in Somerset, begin their collaboration
Coleridge, Poems (2nd edition)
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (née Godwin) born (d. 1851)


Robert Merry dies (b. 1755)
Wordsworth and Coleridge, Lyrical Ballads (published anonymously)


William Melmoth dies (b. 1710)
Barbauld, To Mr Coleridge
Cowper's last poems
Thomas Campbell, The Pleasures of Hope


Joseph Warton dies (b. 1722)
William Cowper dies (b. 1731)
Mary Robinson, Lyrical Tales
Wordsworth and Coleridge, Lyrical Ballads (second edition, published under Wordsworth's name)


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