Thomas Purney

(1695 - c. 1730)

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Source editions

  • Purney, Thomas, 1695-ca. 1727. Pastorals: After the simple manner of Theocritus. By Mr. Purney. London: printed for J. Brown, and R. Burleigh, 1717 [1716]. 63,[1]p.; 8⁰. ( OTA K099729.000)


ODNB 37870


  • White, H. O., ed. The works of Thomas Purney. Oxford: B. Blackwell, 1933. Print.

Reference works


  • White, H. O. "Thomas Purney. A Forgotten Poet and Critic of the Eighteenth Century". Essays and Studies. Vol. XV. Collected by Sir Herbert Warren. (1929). 67-97. Print.