Ambrose Philips

(bap. 9 October 1674 - bur. 4 June 1749)

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Source editions

  • Dryden, John. Poetical miscellanies: the sixth part. Containing a collection of original poems, with several new translations. By the most eminent hands. London: printed for Jacob Tonson, within Grays-Inn Gate, next Grays-Inn Lane, 1709. [12],172,177-224,221-298,301-632,[2],723-751,[1]p.,plate; 8⁰. (ESTC T142876)


NCBEL; DLB; ODNB 22119; DMI 2018


  • Smith, Margaret M. Index of English Literary Manuscripts. Vol. III, 1700-1800 . London: Mansell, 1986-1997. Pt. 2 Gay-Philips. 341-345. Print. 4 volumes.


  • Philips, Ambrose. 'Pastorals', 1748. Facsimile reprint. Menston: Scolar Press, 1973. Print.
  • Segar, Mary G., and J. Wesley Miller, eds. The Poems of Ambrose Philips. New York: Russell & Russell, 1969 [1st ed. Oxford: Blackwell, 1937]. Print.

Reference works


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