Pix, Mary, 1666-1720. Violenta, or the Rewards of Virtue: turn'd from Boccace into Verse. London: Printed for John Nutt, near Stationers-Hall, 1704. [8],128p.; 8⁰. (ESTC T106756; Foxon P463; OTA K085711.000)



    LONDON, Printed for John Nutt, near Stationers-Hall, 1704.


    My Lord,

    I have long had an eager Ambition to see Your Lordship's Name amongst those Noble Patrons, to whom I have presum'd to offer my unworthy Attempts in Poetry. I acknowledge, I want Merit infinitely in all these Undertakings, and am so Humble, to own[Page] more Faults than the severest Critick will give himself the Trouble to find; yet such has been my Good Fortune, that I have often found Indulgeance from the Greatest and Best of our Kingdom: This, in Part, mitigates my Fears, when I Venture to approach Your Lordship with so worthless a Piece.

    I have the Honour to know Your Lordship so well, as to depend on Your Goodness, when I am afraid of Your Judgment, to believe you so kind and forgiving, as to smile at Follies, that have no other Intention than Your innocent Diversion. After having confess'd the Weakness of my Pen, I may be justly excus'd from Aiming[Page] at a Character generous as Your Lordships, and shining with those Heroick Qualities, which ought to be inherent to the Great; nor let the severest Moralist Reflect upon the Incouragement of Things of this Nature, since the noblest Lives Fame has transmitted to Posterity, have always been Patrons, of Poetry.

    May Your Lordship long continue in that State of Happiness Your Noble Birth and Fortunes have fixed You, and Master of those excellent Indowments, Justice and Humanity, with that unalterable Firmness to Your Word and Principle. These Virtues, My Lord, render You, the Ornament[Page] of the Nation and Nobility; and in Your unbending Hours, may You still remain a Favourer of the Stage, and vouchsafe, to listen to the unartful Numbers of this Poem, and be inclind to pardon the Daring Boldness of Inscribing it to Your Lordship, by,

    My Lord,
    Your Lordship's most Obedient and Humble Servant,

    PAge 1. l. ult. dele a; p. 21. l. 14. r. pursue for preserve; and Wretch for Wrath; p. 22. l. 12. r. writ unspotted Truth; p. 27. l. 14. r. blotted for bursted; p. 29. l. 14. r. pursue for preserve; p. 45. l. 14. r. Vestals for Vessels; p. 49. l. 6. r. Fires for Fits; p. 56. l. 5. r. small for Male; p. 65. l. 9. r. Mothers for anothers; p. 71. dele The Father said; p. 109. l. 13. r. dazling for Darling; ib. l. 16. r. shine for shown; p. 112. l. 10. r. glad for sad.