James Boswell

(29 October 1740 - 19 May 1795)
James Boswell (1740-1795)

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James Boswell (1740-1795)

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Source editions

  • Boswell, James, 1740-1795. An elegy on the death of an amiable young lady. With an epistle from Menalcas to Lycidas. To which are prefixed, three critical recommendatory letters. Edinburgh: printed by A. Donaldson and J. Reid. For Alex. Donaldson, 1761. 24p.; 4⁰. (ESTC T32518; OTA K035585.000)
  • Boswell, James, 1740-1795. An ode to tragedy. By a gentleman of Scotland. Edinburgh: printed by A. Donaldson and J. Reid. For Alex. Donaldson MDCLXI, 1761. 12p.; 4⁰. (ESTC T71923; OTA K060978.000)
  • Boswell, James, 1740-1795. The cub, at Newmarket: a tale. London: printed for R. and J. Dodsley, 1762. 24p.; 4⁰. (ESTC T53403; OTA K048041.000)
  • Boswell, James, 1740-1795. Johnson, Samuel, 1709-1784. Ode by Dr. Samuel Johnson to Mrs. Thrale, upon their supposed approaching nuptials. London: printed for R. Faulder, 1784. 16p.; 4⁰. (ESTC T2407; OTA K021475.000)


DMI 1327; ODNB 2950


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