Collier, Mary, c.1690-c.1762. Poems, on Several Occasions, by Mary Collier, Author of the Washerwoman's Labour, with some remarks on Her Life. Winchester: Printed by Mary Ayres; for the Author. MDCCLXII., 1762. 68p. (ESTC T125590)

  • POEMS, on Several Occasions, by MARY COLLIER, AUTHOR Of The Washerwoman's Labour, With some remarks On HER LIFE.

    WINCHESTER: Printed by Mary Ayers; for the Author. MDCCLXII.

  • Some Remarks of the Author's Life drawn by herself.

    I who am the Author of these Poems was Born near Midhurst in Sussex of poor, but honest Parents, by whom I was taught to read when very Young, and took great delight in it; but my Mother dying, I lost my Education, Never being put to School: As I grew up, I was set to such labour as the Country afforded. My Recreation was reading, I bought and borrow'd many Books, any foolish History highly delighted me; but as I grew Older I read Speed and Bakers Chronicles, Fox's Acts and Monuments of the Church, Josephus, and others. Continuing with my Father, who before his Death was long sickly and infirm, after his Death being left alone, I came to Petersfield, where my chief Employment was, Washing, Brewing and such labour, still devoting what leisure time I had to Books. After[Page iv] several Years thus Spent, Duck's Poems came abroad, which I soon got by heart, fancying he had been too severe on the Female Sex in his Thresher's Labour brought me to a Strong propensity to call an Army of Amazons to vindicate the injured Sex: Therefore I answer'd him to please my own humour, little thinking to make it Public it lay by me several Years and by now and then repeating a few lines to amuse myself and entertain my Company, it got Air.

    I happen'd to attend a Gentlewoman in a fit of Illness, and she and her Friends persuaded me to make Verses on the Wise Sentences, which I did on such Nights as I waited on her. I had learn'd to write to assist my memory, and her Spouse transcrib'd it with a promise to keep it private, but he exposed it to so many, that it soon Became a Town Talk, which made many advise me to have it printed and at length I comply'd to have it done at my own charge, I lost nothing, neither did I gain much, others run away with the profit.

    Soon after, at the Request of a Gentleman I employed my poor Genius on the Subject of the Happy Husband: And have Since made (Courteous Reader) Such as you see, which I[Page v] consign to your better judgement and your Generosity to use as you please.

    Having continued a Washerwoman till I was Sixty-Three Years of Age, I left Petersfield to go and take care of a Farm House near Alton, and there I staid till turn'd of Seventy, And then the infirmities of Age rendered me incapable of the labour of that place.

    Now I have retired to a Garret (The Poor Poets Fate) in Alton where I am endeavouring to pass the Relict of my days in Piety, Purity, Peace, and an Old Maid.

  • THE Woman's Labour: TO Mr. STEPHEN DUCK.
  • THE THREE WISE SENTENCES, From the First Book of ESDRAS Chap. III. and IV.
  • AN EPISTOLARY ANSWER To an Exciseman, Who doubted her being the Author of the Washerwoman's Labour.
  • A Gentleman's Request to the Author on Reading The Happy Husband and the Old Batchelor:
  • The First and Second Chapters of the First Book of Samuel Versified.
  • AN ELEGY, On the much lamented Death of NORTON POWLETT Esq; Who departed this life at Petersfield June the 4th 1741.
  • Spectator VOL. the Fifth. Numb. 375. VERSIFIED.
  • ON The Marriage of GEORGE the Third. Wrote in the Seventy-Second Year of her Age.
  • FINIS.
  • A List of the SUBSCRIBERS NAMES.

    • Mr. Aylmer, Attorney at Petersfield
    • Mrs. Allen, of ditto
    • Miss Allen,
    • Miss Phinettah Allen,
    • Mrs. Adams,
    • The Honourable Anthony Brown, Esq;
    • R. Bettesworth, Woolavington Esq;
    • Miss Betsey Bridger, of Oakhanger
    • Miss Nancy Bridger, ditto
    • Miss Fanny Bridger, ditto
    • Mr. Budd, Surgeon
    • Mr. Henry Budd,
    • Mrs. Baker,
    • Mr. Baverstock, Surgeon
    • Mrs. Baverstock,
    • Mr. Anthony Baker,
    • Mr. Richard Pr. Baker,
    • Miss Baker
    • Mr. Birmingham,
    • Mr. Samuel Butler,
    • Audry Budd,
    • [Page 64]Mrs. Baker, of Ashford
    • Mrs. Barnes, of London
    • Mr. William Bridger, of River
    • Mr. Bridger Bradly,
    • Mr. Thomas Bradly,
    • Mr. Baldwin,
    • Mr. Richard Baker, Junior
    • Master Borman,
    • Master Stephen Theodore Borman,
    • Miss Borman,
    • Mrs, Beagzer,
    • Edward Caryl, Esq;
    • Mrs. Caryl,
    • Richard Cowper, Esq;
    • Miss Charlotte Collins,
    • Lieutenant Robert Clement,
    • Mr. Stephen Challen, of Selsea
    • Henry Cook, of Lodsworth
    • Mrs. Coleman, Moorfields London
    • Master Chease,
    • Miss Chease,
    • Mrs. Dee of Petworth,
    • Mrs. Dawtry, ditto
    • The Reverend Mr. Davies, of Storington
    • Mr. Dowden,
    • The Reverend Mr. Docker,
    • Mr. Darby,
    • Thomas Elder, Esq;
    • Edmund Etherton,
    • Mr. M. Easton,
    • Mr. Fairbeard,
    • Miss Patty Finden,
    • Mr. Fielder,
    • Mrs. Fielder,
    • Mr. Figg,
    • Thomas Godwin,
    • Mr. Garth, of the Inner Temple London
    • The Reverend Mr. Garnet,
    • William Gosse,
    • Joseph Gosse,
    • Edward Grace, Junior
    • Miss Grace,
    • John Hall, Junior Esq;
    • John Hollist, Esq;
    • Mr. Thomas Hollist, Fellow of N. College
    • The Reverend Mr. Hilditch,
    • Miss Hilditch,
    • Mrs. Harrison,
    • Miss Hunt,
    • Mrs. Hughes,
    • Mr. Horner, Attorney
    • Mrs. Horner,
    • Mr. J. Hawkins,
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    • Robert Hewitt,
    • Mrs. Sarah Hewitt,
    • Mrs. Heberdeen,
    • John Hewlett,
    • Thomas Hawkings,
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    • William Jouning,
    • Mrs. Margaret Jouning,
    • Miss Kemp,
    • Miss Knight, of Chawton
    • Miss King,
    • Thomas Kemp,
    • Mrs. Ann Knight,
    • Mr. Langrish, Midhurst,
    • Mr. Langrish, at Petersfield
    • Caleb Lee,
    • Mrs. Lee,
    • Stephen Lee,
    • John Leggat,
    • Mr. Long,
    • Mrs. Levitt,
    • The Honourable Lord Montague,
    • The Honourable Lady Montague,
    • Sir Richard Mill, of Woolbeding
    • Lady Mill,
    • Miss Betsy Mill,
    • The Reverend Mr. Mill,
    • Mr. Matthews, at Petersfield
    • Miss Matthews,
    • Miss, Mitford,
    • John Mellersh,
    • James Matthews,
    • John Matthews,
    • Eliza Matthews,
    • [Page 67]Stephen Mills,
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    • Nicholas Marshal,
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    • Mrs. Maynard,
    • The Earl of Newburgh,
    • The Countess of Newburgh,
    • Mr. Newland, Surgeon at Petworth
    • Mr. J. Nosworthy,
    • Thomas Nash,
    • Henry Pruett,
    • John Pruett,
    • William Pruett,
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    • Mr. Randoll, Surgeon
    • William Roe,
    • Sir Simeon Steuart, Bart.
    • Lady Steuart,
    • John Bonham Smith Esq;
    • Thomas Bonham Smith Esq;
    • Mr. Shackleford,
    • Mr. Schutts, Attorney
    • [Page 68]Mr. Sawyer,
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    • Mary Smith,
    • Mary Streater,
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    • Mrs. Slade,
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    • Sir Thomas Webb,
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    • Miss L. Waring, three Books
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