ON The Marriage of GEORGE the Third.

Wrote in the Seventy-Second Year of her Age.

1 Awake, My Muse! once more thyself display,
2 Since thou hast liv'd to See this happy day,
3 Great George the Third Adorns the British Throne;
4 In room of's Royal Grandsire lately Gone:
5 Whose blooming Youth in Virtue's paths hath Spent
6 Presages wonders from his Government:
7 As if the Glories of his Royal line,
8 Center'd in one shall on our Monarch Shine,
9 Auspicious Heav'n protect him all his days,
10 And crown his Brows with never fading Bays,
11 Let the Diadem sit easy on his Head,
12 His Enemies be fill'd with fear and dread!
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13 If Heav'n will bless, none shall his Arms withstand,
14 His floating Fleets by Sea, or Troops by Land.
15 Let my thoughts roam beyond the British flood,
16 To trace the Lustre of the German Blood.
17 Our Annals will in future Ages Shine
18 With brightest splendour of that Royal Line
19 From whence our Liberty and safety Springs,
20 In the Succesion of three Noble Kings,
21 By Heaven sent to save our Native lands,
22 From Popish Slavery and Tyrants Hands.
23 Kind Providence doth even further Smile,
24 Bringing Fair Charlotte to this happy Isle;
25 To join our King and mingle hearts and hands
26 In the soft tie of Hymens sacred bands.
27 Serene and August Pair, hence may you be,
28 Bless'd from above with true felicity,
29 Some Scores of Years, full many Sun-bright days,
30 May you tread in Virtue's unspotted ways.
31 Let length of days attend at your right hand,
32 And at your left, let wealth and honour stand;
33 May you Enlarge the Royal Family,
34 And many Children's Children live to See.
35 And may we never want one of your line
36 To grace the Throne, while Sun and Moon doth shine
37 May you to high and low a pattern be,
38 Of conjugal love and fidelity,
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39 And So encourage Virtue all your days,
40 That Ecchoing Fame may sound abroad your Praise
41 In ev'ry place where Phoebus darts his rays,
42 And as your Years, so may your joys increase
43 Flourish and pass your Days in health and peace;
44 And when you have run your race be crown'd on high
45 In Endless bliss to all Eternity.


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Title (in Source Edition): ON The Marriage of GEORGE the Third. Wrote in the Seventy-Second Year of her Age.
Author: Mary Collier
Genres: heroic couplet; epithalamion

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Source edition

Collier, Mary, c.1690-c.1762. Poems, on Several Occasions, by Mary Collier, Author of the Washerwoman's Labour, with some remarks on Her Life. Winchester: Printed by Mary Ayres; for the Author. MDCCLXII., 1762, pp. []-62. 68p. (ESTC T125590)

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