Matthew Prior

(21 or 23 July 1664 - 18 September 1721)
Matthew Prior (1664-1721)

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Matthew Prior (1664-1721)

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Source editions

  • Prior, Matthew, 1664-1721. A Pindarique on His Majesties birth-day by Mr. Prior ; sung before Their Majesties at Whitehall, the fourth of November 1690. [London]: Printed for John Amery ..., 1690. 1 sheet (2 p.) (ESTC R21116; OTA A55911)
  • Prior, Matthew, 1664-1721. An ode in imitation of the second ode of the third book of Horace by Mr. Prior. London: Printed for Jacob Tonson ..., 1692. 12 p. (ESTC R8273; OTA A55910)
  • Prior, Matthew, 1664-1721. For the New Year, to the sun intended to be sung before Their Majesties on New-Years Day, 1693/4 / written by Mr. Prior at the Hague. London: Printed for J. Tonson ..., 1694. 4 p. (ESTC R21857; OTA A55906)
  • Prior, Matthew, 1664-1721. To the King, an ode on His Majesty's arrival in Holland, 1695 by Mr. Prior. London: Printed for Jacob Tonson ..., 1695. 11 p. (ESTC R21182; OTA A55912)
  • Prior, Matthew, 1664-1721. Verses humbly presented to the King at his arrival in Holland after the discovery of the late horrid conspiracy against His most Sacred Person / by Mr. Prior. London: Printed for Jacob Tonson ..., 1696. [6] p. (ESTC R21156; OTA A55913)
  • Prior, Matthew, 1664-1721. Poems on Several Occasions [English poems only]. London: Printed for JACOB TONSON at Shakespear's-Head over against Katharine-Street in the Strand, and JOHN BARBER upon Lambeth-Hill. MDCCXVIII., 1718. [42],506,[6]p.: ill.; 2°. (ESTC T075639)


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