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Stet quicunque volet potens Aulæ culmine lubrico, &c. Senec.
1 Interr'd beneath this Marble Stone,
2 Lie Saunt'ring Jack, and Idle Joan.
3 While rolling Threescore Years and One
4 Did round this Globe their Courses run;
5 If Human Things went Ill or Well;
6 If changing Empires rose or fell;
7 The Morning past, the Evening came,
8 And found this Couple still the same.
9 They Walk'd and Eat, good Folks: What then?
10 Why then They Walk'd and Eat again:
11 They soundly slept the Night away:
12 They did just Nothing all the Day:
13 And having bury'd Children Four,
14 Wou'd not take Pains to try for more.
15 Nor Sister either had, nor Brother:
16 They seem'd just Tally'd for each other.
17 Their Moral and Oeconomy
18 Most perfectly They made agree:
19 Each Virtue kept it's proper Bound,
20 Nor Trespass'd on the other's Ground.
21 Nor Fame, nor Censure They regarded:
22 They neither Punish'd, nor Rewarded.
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23 He car'd not what the Footmen did:
24 Her Maids She neither prais'd, nor chid:
25 So ev'ry Servant took his Course;
26 And bad at First, They all grew worse.
27 Slothful Disorder fill'd His Stable;
28 And sluttish Plenty deck'd Her Table.
29 Their Beer was strong; Their Wine was Port;
30 Their Meal was large; Their Grace was short.
31 They gave the Poor the Remnant-meat,
32 Just when it grew not fit to eat.
33 They paid the Church and Parish-Rate;
34 And took, but read not the Receit:
35 For which They claim'd their Sunday's Due,
36 Of slumb'ring in an upper Pew.
37 No Man's Defects sought They to know;
38 So never made Themselves a Foe.
39 No Man's good Deeds did They commend;
40 So never rais'd Themselves a Friend.
41 Nor cherish'd They Relations poor:
42 That might decrease Their present Store:
43 Nor Barn nor House did they repair:
44 That might oblige Their future Heir.
45 They neither Added, nor Confounded:
46 They neither Wanted, nor Abounded.
47 Each Christmas They Accompts did clear;
48 And wound their Bottom round the Year.
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49 Nor Tear, nor Smile did They imploy
50 At News of Public Grief, or Joy.
51 When Bells were Rung, and Bonfires made;
52 If ask'd, They ne'er deny'd their Aid:
53 Their Jugg was to the Ringers carry'd;
54 Who ever either Dy'd, or Marry'd.
55 Their Jugg was to the Ringers carry'd;
56 Who ever either Dy'd, or Marry'd.
57 Their Billet at the Fire was found;
58 Who ever was Depos'd, or Crown'd.
59 Nor Good, nor Bad, nor Fools, nor Wise;
60 They wou'd not learn, nor cou'd advise:
61 Without Love, Hatred, Joy, or Fear,
62 They led a kind of as it were:
63 Nor Wish'd, nor Car'd, nor Laugh'd, nor Cry'd:
64 And so They liv'd; and so They dy'd.


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Title (in Source Edition): An EPITAPH.
Author: Matthew Prior
Genres: epitaph

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Prior, Matthew, 1664-1721. Poems on Several Occasions [English poems only]. London: Printed for JACOB TONSON at Shakespear's-Head over against Katharine-Street in the Strand, and JOHN BARBER upon Lambeth-Hill. MDCCXVIII., 1718, pp. 281-283. [42],506,[6]p.: ill.; 2°. (ESTC T075639) (Page images digitized from a copy in the Bodleian Library [H 6.8 Art.].)

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