Mary Leapor

(26 February 1722 - 14 November 1746)

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  • Leapor, Mrs. (Mary), 1722-1746. Poems upon several occasions: By Mrs. Leapor of Brackley in Northamptonshire. London: printed: and sold by J. Roberts, 1748. 15,[5],282p. ; 8⁰. (ESTC T127827; Foxon p. 413; OTA K101776.000)

Biographical note

Mary Leapor, the only child of Philip Leapor (1693–1771), a gardener, and his wife, Anne Sharman (d. 1741), was born on 26 February 1722 at Marston St Lawrence, Northamptonshire. She probably attended the free school in the nearby town of Brackley, which would have been her only formal education. Mary began writing verse as a child, but was discouraged by her parents. Leapor went into service as a kitchen maid at Weston Hall, a few miles from Brackley, where her employer, Susanna Jennens (the "Parthenissa" of Leapor's poetry), may have encouraged her reading and writing. She later took up a position at nearby Edgcote House, which she described under the name Crumble Hall in her poem of that title. In 1745 Leapor was dismissed from this position and returned to Brackley to look after her widowed father. Here she met Bridget Freemantle (1698–1779), a local clergyman's daughter, who encouraged her writing and who suggested a subscription edition of Leapor's verse. Leapor died very suddenly from measles at the age of twenty-four and thus did not live to see her poems in print. Freemantle approached Isaac Hawkins Browne to edit the volume and in April 1748 Leapor's Poems upon Several Occasions appeared. A second volume of her verse was printed by Samuel Richardson in 1751.


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