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The SOW and the PEACOCK.


1 IN Days of Yore, as Authors tell,
2 When Beasts and Birds cou'd read and spell,
3 (No matter where, in Town or City,)
4 There liv'd a Swine exceeding witty,
5 And for the Beauties of her Mind,
6 Excelling all her bristl'd Kind:
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7 But yet to mortify her Pride,
8 She found at last her failing Side.
9 Philosophy she had good Store,
10 Had ponder'd Seneca all o'er;
11 Yet all Precautions useless prove
12 Against the Pow'r of mighty Love.
13 It happen'd on a sultry Day,
14 Upon her fav'rite Couch she lay:
15 'Twas a round Dunghil soft and warm,
16 O'er-shadow'd by a neighb'ring Barn,
17 When lo, her winking Eyes behold
18 A Creature with a Neck of Gold,
19 With painted Wings and gorgeous Train,
20 That sparkl'd like the starry Plain:
21 His Neck and Breast all brilliant shine
22 Against the Sun: The dazzl'd Swine,
23 Who never saw the like before,
24 Began to wonder and adore;
25 But seeing him so fair and nice,
26 She left her Dunghil in a trice,
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27 And (fond to please) the grunting Elf
28 Began to wash and prune herself,
29 And from the stinking Wave she run
30 To dry her Carcase in the Sun:
31 Then rubb'd her Sides against a Tree,
32 And now as clean as Hogs can be,
33 With cautious Air and doubtful Breast,
34 The glitt'ring Peacock thus addrest:
35 'Sir; I, a homely rural Swine,
36 'Can boast of nothing fair nor fine,
37 'No Dainties in our Troughts appear,
38 'But as you seem a Stranger here,
39 'Be pleas'd to walk into my Sty,
40 'A little Hut as plain as I;
41 'Pray venture through the humble Door;
42 'And tho' your Entertainment's poor,
43 'With me you shall be sure to find
44 'An open Heart and honest Mind;
45 'And that's a Dainty seldom found
46 'On Cedar Flow'rs and City Ground.
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47 Thus far the Sow had preach'd by rule,
48 She preach'd, alas! but to a Fool;
49 For this same Peacock (you must know)
50 Had he been Man, had been a Beau:
51 And had (like them) but mighty little
52 To say: So squirted out his Spittle.
53 And with an Air that testified,
54 He'd got at least his share of Pride,
55 He thus began: 'Why, truly now,
56 'You're very civil Mrs. Sow:
57 'But I am very clean, d'ye see?
58 'Your Sty is not a Place for me.
59 'Shou'd I go through that narrow Door,
60 'My Feathers might be soil'd or tore;
61 'Or scented with unsav'ry Fumes:
62 'And what am I without my Plumes?
63 The much offended Sow replies,
64 (And turns a-squint her narrow Eyes)
65 'Sir, you're incorrigibly vain,
66 'To value thus a shining Train;
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67 'For when the northern Wind shall blow,
68 'And send us Hail, and Sleet, and Snow;
69 'How will you save from such keen Weathers
70 'Your Merit? Sir, I mean your Feathers:
71 'As for myself: to think that I
72 'Shou'd lead an Idiot to my Sty,
73 'Or strive to make an Oaf my Friend,
74 'It makes my Bristles stand an end:
75 'But for the future when I see
76 'A Bird that much resembles thee,
77 'I'll ever take it as a Rule,
78 'The shining Case contains a Fool.


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Title (in Source Edition): The SOW and the PEACOCK. A FABLE.
Author: Mary Leapor
Themes: advice; moral precepts
Genres: fable
References: DMI 30824

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Leapor, Mrs. (Mary), 1722-1746. Poems upon several occasions: By Mrs. Leapor of Brackley in Northamptonshire. London: printed: and sold by J. Roberts, 1748, pp. 179-183. 15,[5],282p. ; 8⁰. (ESTC T127827; Foxon p. 413; OTA K101776.000) (Page images digitized from a copy at University of California Libraries.)

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