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The Substance of the following Copy, and many of the Lines as they here stand were sent me by an Esteemed Friend Mr. W. Nokes, with a desire that I would form them into a Pindarick Ode; but I retain'd his Measures least I should too much alter his Sense.

A Sight of CHRIST.

1 ANgels of Light, your God and King surround
2 With Noble Songs; in his Exalted Flesh
3 He claims your Worship; while his Saints on Earth
4 Bless their Redeemer-God with humble Tongues.
5 Angels with lofty Honours crown his Head;
6 We bowing at his Feet, by Faith may feel
7 This distant Influence, and confess his Love.
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8 Once I beheld his Face, when Beams Divine
9 Broke from his Eyelids, and unusual Light
10 Wrap't me at once in Glory and Surprize.
11 My Joyful Heart high leaping in my Breast
12 With Transport cry'd, This is the Christ of God;
13 Then threw my Arms around in sweet Embrace,
14 And clasp'd, and bow'd Adoring low, till I was lost in him.
15 While he appears no other Charms can hold
16 Or draw my Soul asham'd of former things,
17 Which no Remembrance now deserve or Name
18 Tho' with Contempt, best in Oblivion hid.
19 But the bright Shine and Presence soon withdrew;
20 I sought him whom I Love, but found him not;
21 I felt his Absence; and with strongest cries
22 Proclaim'd, Where Jesus is not, all is vain.
23 Whether I hold him with a full Delight,
24 Or seek him panting with Extream Desire,
25 'Tis He alone can please my Wondring Soul;
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26 To hold or seek him is my only Choice.
27 If he refrain on me to cast his Eye
28 Down from his Palace, nor my longing Soul
29 With upward Look can spy my Dearest Lord
30 Thro' his Blue Pavement, I'll behold him still
31 With sweet reflection on the peaceful Cross,
32 All in his Blood and Anguish, groaning deep,
33 Gasping and dying there.
34 This Sight I ne're can loose, by it I live:
35 A Quickning Vertue from his Death inspir'd
36 Is Life and Breath to me; His Flesh my Food;
37 His Vital Blood I drink, and hence my Strength.
38 I Live, I'm Strong, and now Eternal Life
39 Beats quick within my Breast; my Vigorous Mind
40 Spurns the dull Earth, and on her fiery Wings
41 Reaches the Mount of Purposes Divine,
42 Counsels of Peace betwixt th' Almighty Three
43 Conceiv'd at once, and Sign'd without Debate
44 In perfect Union of the Eternal Mind.
45 With vast Amaze I see the Unfathom'd Thoughts,
46 Infinite Schemes, and Infinite Designs
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47 Of God's own Heart in which he ever rests.
48 Eternity lies open to my View;
49 Here the Beginning and the End of all
50 I can discover; Christ, the End of all,
51 And Christ the great Beginning; He my Head,
52 My God, my Glory, and my All in All.
53 O that the Day, the joyful Day were come
54 When the first Adam from his Ancient Dust
55 Crown'd with new Honours shall revive, and see
56 Jesus his Son and Lord; while shouting Saints
57 Surround their King, and God's Eternal Son
58 Shines in the midst but with Superior Beams,
59 And like himself; Then the Mysterious Word
60 Long hid behind the Letter shall appear
61 All Spirit and Life, and in the fullest Light
62 Stand forth to publick View, and there disclose
63 His Father's Sacred Works and wondrous Ways:
64 Then Wisdom, Righteousness and Grace Divine
65 Thro' all the Infinite Transactions past
66 Inwrought and shining shall with double blaze
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67 Strike our astonish't Eyes, and ever reign
68 Admir'd and Glorious in Triumphant Light.
69 Death and the Tempter, and the Man of Sin
70 Now at the Bar arraign'd, in Judgment cast,
71 Shall vex the Saints no more, but perfect Love
72 And loudest Praises perfect Joy create,
73 While ever-circling Years maintain the blissful State.


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