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1 Sad on the margin of the deep,
2 I saw a lady sit and weep,
3 Arrayed in robes of white;
4 Below she mark'd the billows rise,
5 Above the dark unsettled skies,
6 Nor shiver'd at the sight.
7 No terror in her looks I trac'd,
8 While lightnings gleam wild o'er the waste,
9 And hideous thunders roar.
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10 For O! the mind o'ercharg'd with care,
11 The heart-struck marble, in despair,
12 Alas! can feel no more.
13 But, like soft rains 'midst summer sun,
14 Her tears in mild composure run
15 From either beaming eye;
16 And as the gentle gales of Spring,
17 When eve descends with sable wing,
18 So heav'd her bosom-sigh.
19 At length, in moving strains, but mild,
20 Through hollow rocks, in echoes wild,
21 These words assail'd mine ear:
22 "Ye raving winds! thou rolling sea!
23 " Your boist'rous rage is lost on me,
24 "I have no more to fear.
25 "Thou treach'rous overswelling main,
26 " O! couldst thou give my love again
27 "To my sad widow'd sight;
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28 " Although his eyes be sunk in death,
29 "His icy lips be void of breath,
30 " I'd kiss them with delight.
31 "What's this I see! my fancy raves!
32 " Three lovely forms stretch'd on the waves,
33 "And floating to the shore.
34 " O my lost children! is it you? "
35 They answer not " Adieu, adieu! "
36 She sigh'd, and said no more.


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Title (in Source Edition): ON THE FATE OF CAPTAIN G*****
Genres: lament

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