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1 HEAR, Holy Spirit, hear,
2 My Inward Comforter!
3 Loos'd by Thee my stamm'ring Tongue
4 First essays to praise Thee now,
5 This the New, the Joyful Song,
6 Hear it in thy Temple Thou!
7 Long o'er my Formless Soul
8 The dreary Waves did roll;
9 Void I lay and sunk in Night:
10 Thou, the overshadowing Dove,
11 Call'dst the Chaos into Light,
12 Bad'st me Be, and live, and love.
13 Thee I exult to Feel,
14 Thou in my Heart dost dwell:
15 There Thou bear'st thy Witness true,
16 Shed'st the Love of GOD abroad;
17 I in CHRIST a Creature New,
18 I, ev'n I am Born of GOD!
19 Ere yet the Time was come
20 To fix in Me thy Home,
21 With me oft Thou didst reside:
22 Now, my GOD, Thou In me art!
23 Here Thou ever shalt abide;
24 One we are, no more to part.
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25 Fruit of the Saviour's Pray'r,
26 My Promis'd Comforter!
27 Thee the World cannot receive,
28 Thee they neither know nor see,
29 Dead is all the Life they live,
30 Dark their Light, while void of Thee.
31 Yet I partake thy Grace
32 Thro' CHRIST my Righteousness;
33 Mine the Gifts Thou dost impart,
34 Mine the Unction from above,
35 Pardon written on my Heart,
36 Light, and Life, and Joy, and Love.
37 Thy Gifts, Blest Paraclete,
38 I glory to repeat:
39 Sweetly Sure of Grace I am,
40 Pardon to my Soul apply'd,
41 Int'rest in the spotless Lamb;
42 Dead for All, for me He dy'd.
43 Thou art Thyself the Seal;
44 I more than Pardon feel,
45 Peace, Unutterable Peace,
46 Joy that Ages ne'er can move,
47 Faith's Assurance, Hope's Increase,
48 All the Confidence of Love!
49 Pledge of thy Promise giv'n,
50 My An epast of Heav'n;
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51 Earnest Thou of Joys Divine,
52 Joys Divine on Me bestow'd,
53 Heav'n and CHRIST, and All is mine,
54 All the Plenitude of GOD.
55 Thou art My Inward Guide,
56 I ask no Help beside:
57 Arm of GOD, to Thee I call,
58 Weak as Helpless Infancy!
59 Weak I am yet cannot fall
60 Stay'd by Faith, and led by Thee!
61 Hear, Holy Spirit, hear,
62 My Inward Comforter!
63 Loos'd by Thee my stamm'ring Tongue
64 First essays to praise Thee now;
65 This the New, the Joyful Song,
66 Hear it in thy Temple Thou!


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Title (in Source Edition): HYMN to the HOLY GHOST.
Genres: hymn

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Wesley, John, 1703-1791. Wesley, Charles, 1707-1788. Hymns and sacred poems: Published by John Wesley, ... and Charles Wesley, ... London: printed by William Strahan; and sold by James Hutton; and at Mr. Bray's, 1739, pp. 111-113. x,[6],223,[1]p.; 12⁰. (ESTC T31323; OTA K034809.000) (Page images digitized from a copy in the Bodleian Library [Vet. A4 f. 254].)

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