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Of the Ape and the Fox.

A Paraphrase on one of the Centum Fabulae.

1 TO his four-footed Subjects through the Nation,
2 The King of Bruits thus issues Proclamation,
3 Being well informed we have incurr'd Disgrace
4 By Harb'ring in our Realm a Scandalous Race,
5 A Sect that have No Tails; These Presents are
6 T' enjoyn such Miscreants, All and singular,
7 Strait to depart our Land, or on Demurr,
8 Our Laws Grand-Treason Penalties incurr.
9 Sly Reynard strait sists out this state Design,
10 Turns Goods and Chattels All to ready Coyn.
11 The unprojecting Neighbour-hood Admire,
12 And Flock, th'Occasion of his March t'Enquire.
13 Where 'mongst the Rest the ceremonious Ape
14 Accosts him with Grimmace and formall Scrape.
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15 Bon jour Monsieur! You pass for a prime Witt;
16 But in this Project give small Proof of it.
17 We of the Cur-tailed Tripe b'express Command
18 Of our great Cham prepare to quitt the Land;
19 But why Sir shou'd you Budge, Whose Posterns bear
20 A Swashing Train well furrd to guard your Rear?
21 Had Nature lent me but an Inch of Dock,
22 A Tust to Shade, or Scutt to grace my Nock,
23 I shou'd Presume I had no Obligation
24 From the late Act to take this Peregrination.
25 Then thus the Fox You've spoke an Oracle,
26 Doubtless your Gravity reads Machiavill.
27 I must Confess I've no pretence to rail,
28 Or Curse my starrs for stinting me in Tail;
29 But grant my Train might with a Commet's measure,
30 Suppose withall that 'twere his Highness Pleasure
31 To say I've None? which if he once Assert,
32 Nere doubt but he has Sycophants will swear't;
33 Thus charg'd, shou'd I attempt my own Defence,
34 (To give his Lawless Tyranny Pretence)
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35 'Tis Odds but I am Dockt upon the Spott,
36 And then for want of Tail poor Reynard goes to Pot.


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Title (in Source Edition): Of the Ape and the Fox. A Paraphrase on one of the Centum Fabulae.
Author: Nahum Tate
Genres: fable

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Tate, Nahum, c. 1652-1715. Poems by N. Tate. London: Printed by T.M. for Benj. Tooke ..., 1677, pp. 102-104. [15],133p. (Page images digitized from a copy in the Bodleian Library [Harding C 2953].)

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