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The Tear.

1 STay Iulia, let me watch that Tear,
2 Lest the rich drop glide from thine Eye,
3 The Meteor sparkles in its Sphaere,
4 But Fall'n to impure Earth, twill Dye;
5 Yet where it is it cannot stay,
6 For see the Sun-beams come in swarms to Prey
7 And sip the rich delicious juice Away.
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8 Into this Viol let it fall
9 See, Iulia, how it sparkles through?
10 Well may those Eyes prevail on All,
11 Whose Tears have Killing glances too.
12 If solid as a Gem it were,
13 No Gem cou'd vie with this Transparent Tear;
14 The Eye that wept it only cou'd compare.
15 It shall be so, I will convert
16 This Tear to a Gem, 'tis Feazable;
17 For laid near Iulia's Frozen Heart,
18 'Twill to a Diamond congeal.
19 And yet if I consider well,
20 These Tears of Iulia's can fore-bode no Ill,
21 The Frost is Breaking when such Drops Distill.


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Title (in Source Edition): The Tear.
Author: Nahum Tate

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Tate, Nahum, c. 1652-1715. Poems by N. Tate. London: Printed by T.M. for Benj. Tooke ..., 1677, pp. 50-51. [15],133p. (Page images digitized from a copy in the Bodleian Library [Harding C 2953].)

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