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1 O LORD of earth and Heaven,
2 Whose love and power have given
3 The solid ground and floating air
4 And circling ocean, regions fair,
5 To be the home of moving life,
6 The busy seats of joy and strife,
7 To thee with fear and love we raise
8 A song of praise.
9 How many links there be
10 To bind man's heart to thee!
11 Affections of the human breast
12 For children, kindred, friend and guest;
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13 Yea, those in generous minds that flow
14 From virtues of a noble foe!
15 All form a woven mystic cord,
16 Thy bands, O Lord.
17 Thy streaming rays of love,
18 That glow in Heaven above,
19 And draw the ransomed soul to thee,
20 And set it from low thraldom free.
21 As the snared bird, when loosened, flies
22 On out-spread pinions to the skies,
23 With love that conquers fear, we raise
24 Our song of praise.


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Title (in Source Edition): A HYMN FOR THE KIRK.
Genres: hymn

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Baillie, Joanna, 1762-1851. Fugitive Verses. By Joanna Baillie, author of “Dramas on the Passions,“ etc. London: Edward Moxon, Dover Street. MDCCCXL., 1840, pp. 402-403.  (Page images digitized from a copy in the Bodleian Library [40.17].)

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