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1 LET not rage to rage opposing,
2 Angry passion e'er pursue;
3 For kindness a soft charm disclosing,
4 Best its fury can subdue.
5 The sun and wind their power contesting,
6 (A tale in Æsop's moral page)
7 Which the traveller divesting,
8 Of his mantle could engage.
9 The wind his storms then fiercely blowing,
10 Saw him his cloak more closely fold;
11 But he to the sun warm glowing,
12 Yields the prize, and quits his hold.
13 Where cold suspicions are misleading,
14 And with contempt and hatred bind;
15 Gentleness for truth best pleading,
16 Melts the fetters of the mind.
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17 The frigid blast the shepherd's mourning,
18 More firmly bound his streams to see;
19 Till gentle zephyr mild returning,
20 Sets th' imprison'd waters free.
21 Cold is that heart, of flinty hardness,
22 Which mild entreaty cannot move;
23 But open to the law of kindness,
24 Generous bosoms ever prove.


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Title (in Source Edition): SONNET.
Author: Eliza Day
Genres: sonnet

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Daye, Eliza, b. ca. 1734. Poems, on Various Subjects. Liverpool: Printed by J. M'Creery, 1798, pp. [154]-155. [2],x,[4],258p.; 8° (ESTC T132359) (Page images digitized by University of California Libraries.)

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