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1 MOUNTED aloft in Bristols narrow Streets,
2 Where Pride and Luxury with meanness meets,
3 A sturdy Collier prest the empty sack,
4 A troop of thousands swarming on his back;
5 When sudden to his rapt extatic view
6 Rose the brown beauties of his red-hair'd Sue.
7 Music spontaneously echoed from his tongue,
8 And thus the Lover rather bawl'd, than sung.
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9 Zaunds! Prithee pretty Zue is it thee,
10 Odzookers I mun have a kiss.
11 A Sweetheart should always be free,
12 I whope you wunt take it amiss.
13 Thy peepers are blacker than a caul,
14 Thy carcase is sound as a sack,
15 Thy visage is whiter than ball,
16 Odzookers I mun have smack.
17 The swain descending, in his raptured arms
18 Held fast the Goddess, and despoil'd her charms.
19 Whilst lock'd in Cupid's amorous embrace,
20 His jetty skinnis met her red bronz'd face;
21 It seem'd the sun when labouring in eclipse.
22 And on her nose he stampt his sable lips,
23 Pleas'd .


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Title (in Source Edition): A BURLESQUE CANTATA. 1770.
Genres: burlesque; song

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Chatterton, Thomas, 1752-1770. A Supplement to the Miscellanies of Thomas Chatterton London: printed for T. Becket, in Pall-Mall; Bookseller to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, and Their Royal Highnesses the Princes. MDCCLXXXIV., 1784, pp. 75-76. [6],ii,88p.; 8⁰. (ESTC T48948; OTA K045459.000)

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