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1 SERAPHIC Virgins of the tuneful Choir,
2 Assist me to prepare the sounding lyre!
3 Like her I sing, soft, sensible, and fair,
4 Let the smooth numbers warble in the air;
5 Ye Prudes, Coquets, and all the misled throng,
6 Can Beauty, Virtue, Sense, demand the Song;
7 Look then on Clarke, and see them all unite;
8 A beauteous pattern, to the always-right.
9 Rest here, my Muse, not soar above thy sphere,
10 Kings might pay adoration to the fair,
11 Enchanting, full of joy, peerless in face and air.


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Title (in Source Edition): ACROSTIC ON MISS [SALLY CLARKE]. 1768.
Genres: heroic couplet; address

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Chatterton, Thomas, 1752-1770. A Supplement to the Miscellanies of Thomas Chatterton London: printed for T. Becket, in Pall-Mall; Bookseller to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, and Their Royal Highnesses the Princes. MDCCLXXXIV., 1784, p. 9. [6],ii,88p.; 8⁰. (ESTC T48948; OTA K045459.000)

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