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SONNET [22] XXII. By the same. To Solitude.

1 OH, Solitude; to thy sequester'd vale


I climb steep rocks, I break my way through copses, among thorns and briars which tear me to pieces, and I feel a little relief.

Sorrows of Werter. Volume First.
2 I come to hide my sorrow and my tears,
3 And to thy echoes tell the mournful tale
4 Which scarce I trust to pitying Friendship's ears!
5 Amidst thy wild woods, and untrodden glades,
6 No sounds but those of melancholy move;
7 And the low winds that die among thy shades,
8 Seem like soft Pity's sighs, for hopeless love!
9 And sure some story of despair and pain,
10 In yon deep copse, thy murm'ring doves relate;
11 And hark! methinks in that long plaintive strain,
12 Thine own sweet songstress weeps my wayward fate!
13 Ah, Nymph! that fate assist me to endure,
14 And bear awhile what Death alone can cure!


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Title (in Source Edition): SONNET [22] XXII. By the same. To Solitude.
Genres: sonnet

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Smith, Charlotte Turner, 1749-1806. Elegiac sonnets, and other poems. By Charlotte Smith. The first Worcester edition, from the sixth London edition, with additions. Printed at Worcester [Mass.]: by Isaiah Thomas, sold by him in Worcester, and by said Thomas and Andrews in Boston, 1795, p. 42. xix,[2],22-126,[2]p.,[5] leaves of plates: ill.; 15 cm. (12mo) (OTA N22357)

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