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Air Merrily danc'd the Quaker.
1 IF I hae been a week away,
2 My Jenny rins to meet me;
3 Wi' aw the chat o' this bit pleace
4 My Jenny's fain to treat me:
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5 "There's Rob has married Mary Gray,
6 And Bella's past aw tellin!
7 And Greace has fun the little cat,
8 And Dick can say his spellin.
9 Peer Dick has broken deddy's dish,
10 And durstn't come to meet ye;
11 But he has sent ye this bit cake,
12 He thought that he mud treat ye.
13 Our butter tells to fourteen pun;
14 Our cheese hes fill'd the rimmer;
15 And uncle Megs hes sent us beef
16 Will sarra us aw at dinner.
17 And uncle Megs hes heard frae Gworge;
18 He's gane to I've forgittin;
19 But it's some hard-word pleace owre seas,
20 I'll hae the neame on't written;
21 I think they caw'd it Jemmycaw,
1. Jamaica.
22 Or else it is St Christit;
2. St Christopher's, or, as the sailors call it, St Kit's.
23 And if it isn't yen o' they,
24 I' faikins, I hae mist it!
25 And peer auld Wully's telt his teale;
26 He'll never tell anudder!
27 And they've been up wi' uncle Megs,
28 To wreyte it till his brudder:
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29 For he was varra nwotishin
30 Of ought that Wully wanted;
31 And mony time wad wreyte and tell
32 They wadn't see him scanted.
33 They brought him varra canny up,
34 He had the best o' linnen,
35 And keept it just to mense his death,
36 'Twas peer auld Marget's spinnin.
37 The house, and aw the bits o' things,
38 Will just be for the brudder;
39 I only wish he'd meade tem owre
40 To Mary and her mudder! "


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Title (in Source Edition): THE MEETING.
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Blamire, Susanna, 1747-1794. The Poetical Works of Miss Susanna Blamire “The muse of Cumberland.” Now for the first time collected by Henry Lonsdale, M.D. with a preface, memoir, and notes by Patrick Maxwell, ... Edinburgh: John Menzies, 61 Princes Street; R. Tyas, London; D. Robertson, Glasgow; and C. Thurnam, Carlisle. MDCCCXLII., 1842, pp. 214-216.  (Page images digitized from a copy in the Bodleian Library [42.256].)

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