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1 WHEN Evening comes with dewy feet
2 And tempts you to the woodbine seat,
3 Sending her sweet voice in the breeze
4 To whisper through the leafy trees;
5 Come, come, sweet sisters, come away,
6 "And see the silvery floods of day"
7 Dip yon bright cloud, whose golden glow
8 Gleams on this little world below!
9 While the bright sun in state retires,
10 Not yet extinguishing his fires,
11 But leaves a tint of saffron hue,
12 With a melting stream of milky blue,
13 A ruby tinge with topaz bright,
14 The little lamp of lingering light,
15 That gently for the shadows gray
16 Prepare a soft but solemn way.
17 'Tis now that damps begin to rise,
18 Or fall like tears from weeping skies;
19 Stay not, sweet friends, to wipe away
20 Those pearly drops of sorrowing day,
21 But let them seek the sacred cell
22 Of some fair lily's yellow bell,
23 Or hang upon the parched leaf
24 Like the soft drops of silent grief,
25 Nor with unhallow'd foot essay
26 To brush one precious pearl away;
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27 For Health who loves the meanest flower,
28 And sips the beverage of the shower
29 All jealous for the rose's bloom,
30 And every herb that breathes perfume,
31 Knows their sweet odour to refuse
32 If robb'd of half their balmy dews.
33 Ah! rob them not, nor lingering stay
34 To take a farewell of the day;
35 But let Health lead you by the hand
36 Ere Night shall stretch her ebon wand,
37 Or Eve from her alembic pours
38 The precious essence of her flowers.


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Blamire, Susanna, 1747-1794. The Poetical Works of Miss Susanna Blamire “The muse of Cumberland.” Now for the first time collected by Henry Lonsdale, M.D. with a preface, memoir, and notes by Patrick Maxwell, ... Edinburgh: John Menzies, 61 Princes Street; R. Tyas, London; D. Robertson, Glasgow; and C. Thurnam, Carlisle. MDCCCXLII., 1842, pp. 170-171.  (Page images digitized from a copy in the Bodleian Library [42.256].)

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