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To Madam S— at the Court.

1 COme prethee leave the Courts
2 And range the Fields with me;
3 A thousand pretty Rural sports
4 I'le here invent for thee.
5 Involv'd in blissful innocence
6 Wee'l spend the shining day,
7 Untoucht with that mean influence
8 The duller world obey.
9 About the flowry Plains wee'l rove,
10 As gay and unconsin'd:
11 As are inspir'd by thee and love
12 The saleys of my mind.
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13 Now seated by a lovely Stream,
14 Where beauteous Mermaids haunt;
15 My Song while William is my Theam,
16 Shall them and thee inchant.
17 Then in some gentle soft retreat;
18 Secure as Venus Groves,
19 We'l all the charming things repeat,
20 That introduuc'd our loves.
21 I'le pluck fresh Garlands for thy brows,
22 Sweet as a Zephirs breath.
23 As fair and well design'd as those
24 The Elisyum Lovers wreath.
25 And like those happy Lovers we,
26 As careless and as blest;
27 Shall in each others converse be
28 Of the whole world possest.
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29 Then prethee Phillis leave the Courts,
30 And range the Fields with me;
31 Since I so many harmless sports
32 Can here procure for thee.


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Title (in Source Edition): To Madam S— at the Court.
Themes: love
Genres: epigram

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Rowe, Elizabeth Singer, 1674-1737. Poems on several occasions. Written by Philomela. London: Printed for John Dunton at the Raven in Jewen-street, 1696, pp. 46-48. [24],72,69,[11]p.; 8⁰ (ESTC R7317; OTA A57734)

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