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A Pindarick POEM on HABBAKUK.

1 WHen God from Teman came,
2 And cloath'd in Glory from Mount-Paran shone,
3 Drest in th' unsufferable Flame
4 That hides his dazling Throne,
5 His Glory soon eclips'd the once bright Titan's Rays,
6 And fill'd the trembling Earth with Terror and Amaze.
7 Resplondent Beams did crown his awful Head,
8 And shining brightness all around him spread;
9 Omnipotence he graspt in his strong Hand,
10 And listning Death stood waiting on his dread Command;
11 Waiting 'till his resistless Bolts he'd throw;
12 Devouring Coals beneath his Feet did glow:
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13 All Natures Frame did quake beneath his Feet,
14 And with his Hand he the vast Globe did mete;
15 The frighted Nations scattered,
16 And at his sight the bashful Mountains sled,
17 The everlasting Hills their Founder's Voice obey,
18 And stoop their lofty Heads to make th' Eternal way.
19 The distant Ethiops all Confusion are,
20 And Midian's trembling Curtains cannot hide their Fear:
21 When thy swift Chariots pass'd the yielding Sea,
22 The blushing Waves back in amazement flee,
23 Affrighted Iordan stops his flowing Vrn,
24 And bids his forward Streams back to their Fountain turn.
25 Arm'd with thy mighty Bow,
26 Thou marchedst out against thy daring Foe:
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27 And very terrible thou didst appear
28 To them, but thus thy darling People cheer.
29 "Know, Iacob's Sons, I am the God of Truth,
30 " Your Father Iacob's God, nor can I break my Oath.
31 The Mountains shook as our dread Lord advanc'd,
32 And all the little Hills around 'em danc'd:
33 The neighb'ring Streams their verdant Banks o'reflow,
34 The Waters saw and trembled at the sight,
35 Back to their old Abyss they go,
36 And bear the News to everlasting Night:
37 The Mother Deep within its hollow Caverns roars.
38 And beats the silent Shores.
39 The Sun above no longer dares to strive,
40 Nor will his frighted Steeds their wonted Iourney drive.
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41 The Moon, to see her Brother stop his Car,
42 Grew pale, and curb'd her sable Reins for Fear,
43 Thy threatning Arrows gild their flaming way,
44 And at the glittering of thy Spear the Heathen dare not stay;
45 The very sight of thee did them subdue,
46 And arm'd with Fury thou the Vict'ry didst pursue.
47 So now, great God, wrapt in avenging Thunder,
48 Meet thine and William's Foes, and tread them groveling under.


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Title (in Source Edition): A Pindarick POEM on HABBAKUK.
Themes: biblical history
Genres: ode

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Rowe, Elizabeth Singer, 1674-1737. Poems on several occasions. Written by Philomela. London: Printed for John Dunton at the Raven in Jewen-street, 1696, pp. 18-21. [24],72,69,[11]p.; 8⁰ (ESTC R7317; OTA A57734)

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