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* This was writ, when the DUKE enter'd into the Twelfth Year of his Age.
times hath SOL his annual Race begun,
2 Since JOVE descended from his radiant Throne:
3 Around the pendent Globe, the God pursu'd
4 His circling March, and human Actions view'd;
5 But griev'd that Virtue droop'd her languid Head,
6 While Vice, from Clime to Clime, contagious spread.
7 Back, to his native Seat, he sternly flies;
8 And sends an Edict thro' the spacious Skies,
9 To call th'Ethereal Pow'rs: Swift flew his Word;
10 Th'Ethereal Pow'rs, as swift, attend their Lord.
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11 Upon Olympus' Top the Synod met,
12 Where, high inthron'd, the thund'ring Monarch sat;
13 And, with a Nod, that shook the Spheres, he swore,
14 The Minor Gods should visit Earth no more.
15 What, must your earthly Sons, MINERVA cry'd,
16 Explore their doubtful Way without a Guide?
17 If PALLAS must no more to Mortals go,
18 Let PALLAS beg a Substitute below,
19 Worthy to rule the World, whose noble Mind
20 May copy out the Gods to human Kind.
21 She lowly bow'd; and JOVE, consenting, smil'd;
22 Go, form, said he, this new-imagin'd Child:
23 Collect the best Materials, where you will;
24 And let us see, for once, MINERVA's Skill.
25 He said; she hastens o'er the bright Abodes,
26 Selecting each Perfection of the Gods:
27 From MARS she warlike Strength and Courage took;
28 But soften'd them with VENUS' graceful Look:
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29 To these she added HERMES' Eloquence,
30 And crown'd it with her own superior Sense:
31 Some of APOLLO's piercing Rays she stole;
32 And, while the MUSES play'd, she form'd a Soul.
33 When thus compos'd the bright Ingredients lay,
34 She nobly drest them in Ethereal Clay;
35 JOVE touch'd the Mass with his enliv'ning Hand,
36 And vital Warmth inspir'd a CUMBERLAND.


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Title (in Source Edition): To His ROYAL HIGHNESS The DUKE of CUMBERLAND, On His BIRTH-DAY.
Author: Stephen Duck
Themes: birthday
Genres: heroic couplet; address

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Source edition

Duck, Stephen, 1705-1756. Poems on several occasions: By Stephen Duck. London: printed for the author, 1736, pp. 137-139. xl,334,[2]p. ; 4⁰. (ESTC T90234; OTA K073280.000)

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