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1 LATE on an evening I chanced to roam,
2 The night it was dark, and the streets they were dirty;
3 It was to attend the lov'd Celia home,
4 Engag'd in a company jovial and hearty.
5 I instantly hasten'd to put on my shield,
6 The shield of indiff'rence, perhaps you may know it;
7 Appriz'd of the danger attending the field,
8 I judg'd it a piece of high prudence to shew it.
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9 I went to the door of an elegant inn;
10 I heard who was there, and was fearful to venture:
11 Hope to embolden me then did begin,
12 And courage undaunted advis'd me to enter,
13 I quickly stepp'd forward, but struck with amaze,
14 By imminent danger I then was surrounded:
15 Three handsome young damsels upon me did gaze,
16 And all of a sudden, alas! I was wounded.
17 Their shafts were set right, and their arrows did fly;
18 I scarce could distinguish from whom they came thickest.
19 By Cupid's assistance at last I did spy
20 The person best tim'd in her motions, and quickest.
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21 Each gesture was killing, and gave me surprise;
22 I grop'd for my breast-plate, it from me was taken:
23 My shield of indiff'rence had left me likewise;
24 My courage did fail, and my heart it was shaken.
25 Thus finding myself in a pitiful plight;
26 A young maid so handsome I needs must admire:
27 I gave a deep sigh, and I bid them goodnight;
28 My only expedient was to retire.
29 A little of absence effected the cure,
30 So happily I of my wounds did recover;
31 But now at a distance to keep I'll be sure,
32 And laugh at the fate of a vanquished lover.


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Title (in Source Edition): THE UNFORTUNATE RAMBLER.
Genres: tale

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Little, Janet, 1759-1813. The Poetical Works of Janet Little, the Scotch Milkmaid. Air: Printed by John & Peter Wilson, 1792, pp. [91]-93.  (ESTC T126549) (Page images digitized from a copy in the Library of the University of California, Los Angeles.)

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