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1 NOW winter, reluctant, the sway
2 Resigns to the genial spring;
3 Sol sheds an enlivening ray,
4 And warblers delightfully sing.
5 Fresh verdure adorns the gay plains,
6 So lately o'er-mantl'd with snow;
7 The rivers, releas'd from their chains,
8 Do now with soft murmuring flow.
9 The lark and the linnet unite,
10 The Cuckow too joins in the lay;
11 All nature's profuse of delight,
12 And soft fanning zephyrs now play.
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13 How charming the garden appears?
14 Sweet primroses paint the gay vale:
15 Its head now the daffodil rears,
16 The sweetest of seasons to hail,
17 His team now the hind drives along;
18 Quite cheerful he ploughs the rude plain.
19 He hums his love's praise in a song,
20 Or whistling forgets her disdain.
21 The seed in the furrow he throws,
22 Indulg'd by bright Phoebus's rays;
23 Rich Ceres vast increase bestows,
24 When Autumn her bounty displays.
25 The lambkins now sport on the mead;
26 They skip round the heath-cover'd hill;
27 Their dams how securely they feed
28 By the side of yon murm'ring rill?
29 Near Damon appears with his lute,
30 And wakes the melodious lay;
31 The songsters, attentive and mute,
32 Are perch'd on the wav'ring spray.
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33 As Phillis traverses the grove,
34 All nature more charming appears:
35 Leander's soft stories of love,
36 Still touchingly found in her ears.
37 They hand in hand trip o'er the plain;
38 No couple more cheerful and gay:
39 She counts him the lovelier swain;
40 He calls her the Queen of the May.
41 Of each others hearts they are sure;
42 The arts of no rival they dread.
43 From minds so unsulli'd and pure,
44 No treachery e'er can proceed.
45 Few princes partake of such joys,
46 Remov'd from all faction and strife:
47 Sure riches and honours are toys,
48 But their's the endearments of life.


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Title (in Source Edition): ON THE SPRING.
Genres: mock heroic

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Little, Janet, 1759-1813. The Poetical Works of Janet Little, the Scotch Milkmaid. Air: Printed by John & Peter Wilson, 1792, pp. [72]-74.  (ESTC T126549) (Page images digitized from a copy in the Library of the University of California, Los Angeles.)

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