Extempore by Mr. Gr[ay]. on Dr. K[eene]. B[ishop]. of C[hester].
1 The Bishop of Chester
2 Though wiser than Nestor
3 And fairer than Esther,
4 If you scratch him will fester.
One day the Bishop having offered to give a Gentleman a Goose, Mr. Gr[ay]. composed his Epitaph, thus.
5 Here lies Edmund Keene Lord Bishop of Chester,
6 He eat a fat goose and could not digest her
And this upon his Lady
7 Here lies Mrs Keene the Bishop of Chester,
8 She had a bad face which did sadly molest her.
Impromptu by Mr. Gray going out of Raby Castle
9 Here lives Harry Vane,
10 Very good claret and fine champagne.
A Couplet by Mr. Gray
11 When you rise from your dinner as light as before,
12 'Tis a sign you have eat just enough and no more.


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Title (in Source Edition): [Impromptus]
Author: Thomas Gray
Themes: characters
Genres: comic verse; topical verse

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Gray, Thomas, 1716-1771. Thomas Gray: English poems. Web. Oxford: Thomas Gray Archive, 2002. http://www.thomasgray.org/texts/poems.shtml

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