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To W. P. Esq. Avondale.

1 WE wish for thee, dear friend! for summer eve
2 Upon thy loveliest landscape never cast
3 Looks of more lingering sweetness than the last.
4 The slanting sun, reluctant to bereave
5 Thy woods of beauty, fondly seemed to leave
6 Smiles of the softest light, that slowly past
7 In bright succession o'er each charm thou hast
8 Thyself so oft admired. And we might grieve
9 Thine eye of taste should ever wander hence
10 O'er scenes less lovely than thine own; but here
11 Thou wilt return, and feel thy home more dear;
12 More dear the Muses' gentler influence,
13 When on the busy world, with wisdom's smile,
14 And heart uninjured, thou hast gazed awhile.


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    Title (in Source Edition): To W. P. Esq. Avondale.
    Genres: sonnet

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    Tighe, Mary, 1772-1810. Psyche, With Other Poems. London: Printed for LONGMAN, HURST, REES, ORME, AND BROWN, PATERNOSTER-ROW, 1811, p. 236. 314p. (Page images digitized by University of California Libraries.)

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