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1 Descend, sweet Sleep, mine eyelids close
2 With peace-restoring balm;
3 'Tis thou alone can'st heal my woes,
4 And lull me to a calm.
5 Come then on Fancy's airy wing
6 With all thy pleasing train,
7 Thy kind delusions with thee bring,
8 And lull my aching brain.
9 But why so oft must I in vain
10 Invoke thy sov'reign power?
11 Say, cruel, why dost thou disdain
12 On me thy bliss to shower?
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13 Freely by Heav'n on all thou'rt shed,
14 The gift all nature shares,
15 Why then from me so distant fled?
16 Ah! why not hear my pray'r?
17 Why, like the selfish and the vain,
18 Thus deaf to sorrow's cry,
19 Court none but Pleasure's smiling train,
20 And shun the weeping eye?
21 Did wicked thoughts within my breast
22 A welcome harbour meet,
23 Did I, when lying down to rest,
24 Plot or contrive deceit,
25 Then could I not presume to find
26 Remission of my grief;
27 For whither can a guilty mind
28 Resort for its relief?
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29 But soft! sure 'twas a voice that said
30 "Stop! thy rebukes are vain;
31 Man by his Maker first was made
32 Exempt from grief or pain."


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Alcock [née Cumberland], Mary, 1741?–1798. Poems, &c. &c. by the Late Mrs. Mary Alcock [poems only]. London: Printed for C. Dilly, Poultry, 1799, pp. 75-77. vii,[25],183,[1]p. (ESTC T86344) (Page images digitized by University of Michigan Library.)

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