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1 THINK not, Lothario, while I view
2 The bright expression of thy face,
3 And on thy cheek of crimson hue
4 Emotion's varying beauties trace,
5 That in my heart one feeling dwells,
6 But what the coldest must approve,
7 Nor think my conscious bosom swells
8 With aught resembling secret love.
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9 No .... still these eyes can fix on thine,
10 Nor fear their keenest glance to meet;
11 And when thou boldly searchest mine,
12 My quiet heart disdains to beat.
13 But, if by vain self-love misled,
14 Thou in my looks canst passion see;
15 And think, by weak illusions fed,
16 My towering hopes aspire to thee ....
17 Let us my absent Henry seek;
18 And when he meets my conscious eyes,
19 In every glance my heart will speak,
20 And plainly tell for whom it sighs.


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Title (in Source Edition): TO LOTHARIO.
Genres: ballad metre; address

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Opie, Amelia Alderson, 1769-1853. The Warrior's Return, and Other Poems. By Mrs. Opie. 2d. ed. London: Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, Paternoster-row, 1808, pp. [137]-138.  (Page images digitized by Library of Congress Research Institute.)

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