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1 Young Celia was sprightly and gay;
2 Had the Bloom of Fifteen on her Cheek:
3 Her Lovers came flocking each Day,
4 And a thousand fond Things they wou'd speak.
5 She, giddy and thoughtless, gave Ear
6 To the Tale of each flattering Tongue;
7 And thought she was blest, to appear
8 In a Circle of Lovers so young.
9 Thus elate with the Conquests she gain'd,
10 She neglected to act with a Grace;
11 And thought that her Triumph for Life,
12 Was secure by the Charms of her Face.
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13 While Cynthia, more modest and coy,
14 Not a Lover yet boasts in her Train;
15 Which Celia with Pleasure observ'd,
16 And delighted to give the Nymph Pain.
17 Her Lovers grew cold and dropp'd off,
18 As her Folly increas'd with her Years;
19 When Time had her Beauty defac'd,
20 They left her to Wrinkles and Tears.
21 While Cynthia took Care to supply
22 With each Grace the swift Conquest of Time;
23 And was much more belov'd in Decay,
24 Than Celia was e'er in her Prime.
25 Her Mind, with each Virtue replete,
26 Had enamour'd a right-judging Swain;
27 Who sought her to make them both blest:
28 And still is unrivall'd her Reign.
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29 All ye fair, that attend to my Song,
30 Be ye warned by Celia's ill Fate;
31 Think the Graces to Beauty belong;
32 Lest forsaken, you court them too late.


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Title (in Source Edition): A SONG.
Author: Mary Chandler
Genres: song

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Chandler, Mary, 1687-1745. The Description Of Bath. A Poem. Humbly Inscribed To Her Royal Highness the Princess Amelia. By Mrs. Mary Chandler. The Third Edition. To which are added, Several Poems by the same Author [poems only]. London: Printed for James Leake, Bookseller in Bath, 1736, pp. 57-59. 77p. (ESTC T63103) (Page images digitized from a copy at Princeton University.)

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