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To Mrs. Shales.

1 I'll not fatigue Belinda's Ear
2 With telling her, "She's fair;"
3 Those Sounds so often she must hear
4 Of Shape, and Face, and Air.
5 Of Neck as white as falling Snow,
6 And Eyes that Love inspire;
7 What her Glass tells her, she must know,
8 And Repetitions tire.
9 Besides, the Nymph has too much Sense,
10 To pride in Good so frail;
11 Sees Beauty round beset with Harms,
12 And fears lest some prevail.
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13 Lest flatt'ring Tongues in fair Disguise
14 Should Vanity instil;
15 Observes herself with watchful Eyes,
16 And shuns the baleful Ill:
17 Bids Caution wait on Innocence,
18 Lest Malice dare to blame;
19 Or Envy, with envenom'd Breath,
20 Should taint her lovely Name.
21 She knows, that ev'ry Hour that flies,
22 Brings Age upon its Wing:
23 And that ungrateful Word, She was!
24 Has Venom in its Sting.
25 She thanks kind Heav'n, that made her fair;
26 And knows that Heav'n design'd,
27 That lovely Form she wears, to grace
28 The Beauties of her Mind.
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29 So when the sparkling Brilliant's set
30 In Silver, shining Oar;
31 It adds small Value to the Stone,
32 But makes it please the more.


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Title (in Source Edition): To Mrs. Shales.
Author: Mary Chandler
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Chandler, Mary, 1687-1745. The Description Of Bath. A Poem. Humbly Inscribed To Her Royal Highness the Princess Amelia. By Mrs. Mary Chandler. The Third Edition. To which are added, Several Poems by the same Author [poems only]. London: Printed for James Leake, Bookseller in Bath, 1736, pp. 48-50. 77p. (ESTC T63103) (Page images digitized from a copy at Princeton University.)

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