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Written in Winter.

1 Now o'er the fading landscape all around
2 His silver mantle hoary Winter spreads:
3 No more the groves with melody resound,
4 No cheerful herbage crowns the lonely meads.
5 Bleak blows the wind o'er yon deserted plain;
6 While lowering clouds obscure the wintry sky,
7 And sickening Nature sees with tender pain
8 The flowery progeny of Summer die.
9 Thus, in warm youth, vain Beauty's fleeting power
10 Charms for a moment Love's fantastic eye;
11 Old Age or Sickness crops the short-liv'd flower,
12 And wither'd all its brightest honours lie.
13 But Virtue, arm'd against Time's rudest blast,
14 Shall, like the laurel, ever verdant last.


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Title (in Source Edition): Written in Winter.
Genres: occasional poem

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Source edition

Manners, Catherine Rebecca, Lady, 1766 or 1767-1852. Poems by Lady Manners. Second edition. London: John Bell, 1793, p. [84]. 126p. (ESTC T173070)

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