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1 IF
* Stella and Flavia, celebrated by Swift. Stella, an amiable woman; Flavia, a silly beauty.
Flavia's eyes, or Stella's soul,
2 Were in my choice to take,
3 I would not envy Flavia's eyes,
4 But only for thy sake.
5 But if a Stella please thee more,
6 That Stella I would be;
7 For sure a Flavia could not gain,
8 Or keep a swain like thee.
9 But ah! would Stella ever tell?
10 A stranger as thou art;
11 Would Stella envy Flavia's eyes?
12 Alone to gain thy heart.
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13 I scarcely knew from whence thou came.
14 Would Stella thought like me?
15 Too soon I thought thou didst depart;
16 Would Stella told it thee.
17 But sure my hand thou ne'er hast seen,
18 My name thou ne'er shalt know;
19 And while I praise thy nameless art,
20 I can thy love forego.
21 My favourite pigeon too he prais'd.
22 I mind each word he spake;
23 I'd give it him but since he's gone,
24 I'll keep it for his sake.
25 Go, gentle swain, and unconfin'd;
26 Or, if you think of me,
27 Here I with pleasure can submit,
28 If that's approv'd by thee.
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29 Long did I look down a' the way,
30 As far as I could see;
31 And art thou gone ah! what are all
32 The rustic swains to me?
33 Go, gentle swain and to our sex
34 Polite attention pay;
35 Nor ever dangerous flattery try,
36 Nor vain neglect essay.
37 The giddy empty fluttering fool,
38 May catch a Flavia's eyes;
39 But real good sense, and such as you,
40 Alone can Stella please
* This Ballad was sent to the Rev. M. C. at his reading and reciting, under a feigned story.


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Carstairs, Christian. Original Poems. By a Lady, Dedicated to Miss Ann Henderson. A Tribute to Gratitude and Friendships. Edinburgh: Andrew Shortrede, 1786, pp. 49-51.  (ESTC T76883) (Page images digitized from a copy in the Bodleian Library [Harding C 680].)

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