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1 BENEATH this rural cell
2 Sweet-smiling Peace and calm Content
3 Far from the busy crowd sequester'd dwell.
4 Mortal, approaching near,
5 The hallow'd seat revere,
6 Nor bring the loud tumultuous Passions here;
7 For not for these is meant
8 The sacred silence of the stream,
9 Nor cave prophetic prompting Fancy's dream;
10 If, with presumption rude,
11 Thy daring steps intrude,
12 Know, that with jealous eye
13 Peace and Content will fly;
14 The thoughtful Genius of the lone abode,
15 And Guardian Spirit of this solemn wood,
16 Will sure revenge the sacrilegious wrong;
17 Reflection's tear will then in secret flow,
18 And all the haunted solitude belong
19 To Melancholy's train,
20 Who point the sting of pain
21 With keen remorse, and oft redoubled woe.


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    Title (in Source Edition): INSCRIPTION UPON A HERMITAGE.
    Themes: retirement; happiness; contentment
    Genres: inscription
    References: DMI 32534

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    Pearch, G. A collection of poems in four volumes. By several hands. Vol. II. [The second edition]. London: printed for G. Pearch, 1770, p. 312. 4v. ; 8⁰. (ESTC T116245; DMI 1135; OTA K093079.002) (Page images digitized from a copy in the Bodleian [(OC) 280 o.789].)

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