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[Translation] 3. THE CRICKET.

1 LITTLE inmate, full of mirth,
2 Chirping on my kitchen hearth;
3 Wheresoe'er be thine abode,
4 Always harbinger of good,
5 Pay me for thy warm retreat,
6 With a song more soft and sweet,
7 In return thou shalt receive
8 Such a strain as I can give.
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9 Thus thy praise shall be exprest,
10 Inoffensive, welcome guest!
11 While the rat is on the scout,
12 And the mouse with curious snout,
13 With what vermin else infest
14 Every dish and spoil the best;
15 Frisking thus before the fire,
16 Thou hast all thine heart's desire.
17 Though in voice and shape they be
18 Form'd as if akin to thee,
19 Thou surpassest, happier far,
20 Happiest grasshoppers that are,
21 Theirs is but a summer's song,
22 Thine endures the winter long,
23 Unimpair'd and shrill and clear,
24 Melody throughout the year.
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25 Neither night nor dawn of day,
26 Puts a period to thy play,
27 Sing then and extend thy span
28 Far beyond the date of man
29 Wretched man, whose years are spent
30 In repining discontent;
31 Lives not, aged tho' he be,
32 Half a span compar'd with thee.


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Title (in Source Edition): [Translation] 3. THE CRICKET.
Author: Vincent Bourne; William Cowper (translator)
Themes: animals
Genres: translation

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Cowper, William, 1731-1800. Poems: by William Cowper, of the Inner Temple, Esq. London: printed for J. Johnson, 1782, pp. 339-341. [4],367,[1]p. ; 8⁰. (ESTC T14895; OTA K027775.000) (Page images digitized by the University of California Libraries.)

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