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1 AS near a weeping spring reclin'd
2 The beauteous ARAMINTA pin'd,
3 And mourn'd a false ungrateful youth;
4 While dying echoes caught the sound,
5 And spread the soft complaints around
6 Of broken vows and alter'd truth;
7 An aged shepherd heard her moan,
8 And thus in pity's kindest tone
9 Address'd the lost despairing maid:
10 Cease, cease unhappy fair to grieve,
11 For sounds, tho' sweet, can ne'er relieve
12 A breaking heart by love betray'd.
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13 Why shouldst thou waste such precious showers,
14 That fall like dew on wither'd flowers,
15 But dying passion ne'er restor'd?
16 In beauty's empire is no mean,
17 And woman, either slave or queen,
18 Is quickly scorn'd when not ador'd.
19 Those liquid pearls from either eye,
20 Which might an eastern empire buy,
21 Unvalued here and fruitless fall;
22 No art the season can renew
23 When love was young, and DAMON true;
24 No tears a wandering heart recall.
25 Cease, cease to grieve, thy tears are vain,
26 Should those fair orbs in drops of rain
27 Vie with a weeping southern sky:
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28 For hearts o'ercome with love and grief
29 All nature yields but one relief;
30 Die, hapless ARAMINTA, die.


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Title (in Source Edition): SONG V.
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Barbauld, Mrs. (Anna Letitia), 1743-1825. Poems. London: printed for Joseph Johnson, 1773, pp. 77-71. vi,138p. ; 4⁰. (ESTC T236; OTA K019955.000) (Page images digitized by New York Public Library.)

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