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1 LEAVE me, simple shepherd, leave me;
2 Drag no more a hopeless chain:
3 I cannot like, nor would deceive thee;
4 Love the maid that loves again.
5 Tho' more gentle nymphs surround me,
6 Kindly pitying what I feel,
7 Only you have power to wound me;
8 SYLVIA, only you can heal.
9 CORIN, cease this idle teazing;
10 Love that's forc'd is harsh and sour:
11 If the lover be displeasing,
12 To persist disgusts the more.
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13 'Tis in vain, in vain to fly me,
14 SYLVIA, I will still pursue;
15 Twenty thousand times deny me,
16 I will kneel and weep anew.
17 CUPID ne'er shall make me languish,
18 I was born averse to love;
19 Lovers' sighs, and tears, and anguish,
20 Mirth and pastime to me prove.
21 Still I vow with patient duty
22 Thus to meet your proudest scorn;
23 You for unrelenting beauty,
24 I for constant love was born.
25 But the fates had not consented,
26 Since they both did fickle prove;
27 Of her scorn the maid repented,
28 And the shepherd of his love.


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Title (in Source Edition): SONG III.
Genres: dialogue; song

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Barbauld, Mrs. (Anna Letitia), 1743-1825. Poems. London: printed for Joseph Johnson, 1773, pp. 72-73. vi,138p. ; 4⁰. (ESTC T236; OTA K019955.000) (Page images digitized by New York Public Library.)

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