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1 CREATION'S GOD! with thought elate,
2 Thy hand divine I see
3 Impressed on scenes, where all is great,
4 Where all is full of thee!
5 Where stern the Alpine mountains raise
6 Their heads of massive snow;
7 When on the rolling storm I gaze,
8 That hangs how far below!
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9 Where on some bold, stupendous height,
10 The Eagle sits alone;
11 Or soaring wings his sullen flight
12 To haunts still more his own:
13 Where the sharp rock the Chamois treads,
14 Or, slippery summit scales;
15 Or where the whitening Snow-bird spreads
16 Her plumes to icy gales:
17 Where the rude cliff's steep column glows
18 With morning's tint of blue;
19 Or evening on the glacier throws
20 The rose's blushing hue:
21 Or where by twilight's softer light,
22 The mountain's shadow bends;
23 And sudden casts a partial night,
24 As black its form descends:
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25 Where the full ray of noon alone
26 Down the deep valley falls:
27 Or where the sunbeam never shone
28 Between its rifted walls:
29 Where cloudless regions calm the soul,
30 Bid mortal cares be still,
31 Can passion's wayward wish controul,
32 And rectify the will:
33 Where midst some vast expanse the mind,
34 Which swelling virtue fires,
35 Forgets that earth it leaves behind,
36 And to it's heaven aspires:
37 Where far along the desart air
38 Is heard no creature's call:
39 And undisturbing mortal ear
40 The avalanches fall:
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41 Where rushing from their snowy source,
42 The daring torrents urge
43 Their loud-toned waters headlong course,
44 And lift their feathered surge:
45 Where swift the lines of light and shade
46 Flit o'er the lucid lake:
47 Or the shrill winds its breast invade,
48 And its green billows wake:
49 Where on the slope, with speckled dye
50 The pigmy herds I scan;
51 Or soothed, the scattered Chalets spy,
52 The last abode of man:
53 Or where the flocks refuse to pass,
54 And the lone peasant mows,
55 Fixed on his knees, the pendent grass,
56 Which down the steep he throws:
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57 Where high the dangerous pathway leads
58 Above the gulph profound,
59 From whence the shrinking eye recedes,
60 Nor finds repose around:
61 Where red the mountain-ash reclines
62 Along the clifted rock;
63 Where firm the dark unbending pines
64 The howling tempests mock:
65 Where, level with the ice-ribb'd bound
66 The yellow harvests glow;
67 Or vales with purple vines are crown'd
68 Beneath impending snow:
69 Where the rich min'rals catch the ray,
70 With varying lustre bright,
71 And glittering fragments strew the way
72 With sparks of liquid light:
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73 Or where the moss forbears to creep
74 Where loftier summits rear
75 Their untrod snow, and frozen sleep
76 Locks all the uncolour'd year:
77 In every scene, where every hour
78 Sheds some terrific grace,
79 In Nature's vast o'erwhelming power,
80 THEE, THEE, my GOD, I trace!


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Title (in Source Edition): HYMN, WRITTEN AMONG THE ALPS.
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Williams, Helen Maria, 1759-1827. Poems on various subjects: with introductory remarks on the present state of science and literature in France. London: G. and W. B. Whittaker, 1823, pp. [293]-298.  (Page images digitized from a copy in the Bodleian Library [8º W 229 BS].)

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