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* This little Hymn was composed by M. La Source, during the reign of terror, in the prison of the Luxembourg, and was usually sung by him and the Marquis de Sillery every evening, in our apartment of the prison, to which they constantly repaired for a few hours after having passed the day on their trial before the Revolutionary Tribunal. This simple dirge, which was adapted to a soft solemn air, and sung in a low tone, they called their evening service. Those mournful sounds, the knell of my departing friends, yet thrill upon my heart! They were soon after dragged to the scaffold, with the illustrious members of the Gironde, the martyrs of their country.

1 CALM all the tumults that invade
2 Our souls, and lend Thy pow'rful aid.
3 O Source of Mercy! soothe our pains,
4 And break, O break our cruel chains!
5 To Thee the captive pours his cry,
6 To Thee the mourner loves to fly;
7 The incense of our tears receive,
8 'Tis all the incense we can give.
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9 Eternal Power, our cause defend,
10 O God! of innocence the friend!
11 Near Thee for ever she resides,
12 In Thee for ever she confides;
13 Thou know'st the secrets of the breast,
14 Thou know'st th' oppressor and th' opprest;
15 Do Thou our wrongs with pity see,
16 Avert a doom offending Thee!
17 But should the murd'rer's arm prevail,
18 Should tyranny our lives assail,
19 Unmov'd, triumphant, scorning death,
20 We'll bless Thee with our latest breath!
21 The hour, the glorious hour will come,
22 That consecrates the patriot's tomb;
23 And, with the pang our mem'ry claims,
24 Our country will avenge our names.


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Title (in Source Edition): HYMN, IMITATED FROM THE FRENCH.
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Williams, Helen Maria, 1759-1827. Poems on various subjects: with introductory remarks on the present state of science and literature in France. London: G. and W. B. Whittaker, 1823, pp. [234]-235.  (Page images digitized from a copy in the Bodleian Library [8º W 229 BS].)

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