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FABLE [20] XX.

The Old Hen and the Cock.

1 REstrain your child; you'll soon believe
2 The text, which says, we sprung from Eve.
3 As an old Hen led forth her train,
4 And seem'd to peck to show the grain;
5 She rak'd the chaff, she scratch'd the ground,
6 And glean'd the spacious yard around.
7 A giddy chick, to try her wings,
8 On the well's narrow margin springs,
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9 And prone she drops. The mother's breast
10 All day with sorrow was possest.
11 A Cock she met; her son she knew,
12 And in her heart affection grew.
13 My son, says she, I grant your years
14 Have reach'd beyond a mother's cares;
15 I see you vig'rous, strong and bold,
16 I hear with joy your triumphs told;
17 'Tis not from cocks thy fate I dread:
18 But let thy ever-wary tread
19 Avoid yon well; that fatal place
20 Is sure perdition to our race.
21 Print this my counsel on thy breast;
22 To the just Gods I leave the rest.
23 He thank'd her care; yet day by day
24 His bosom burn'd to disobey,
25 And every time the well he saw
26 Scorn'd in his heart the foolish law;
27 Near and more near each day he drew,
28 And long'd to try the dang'rous view.
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29 Why was this idle charge? he crys:
30 Let courage female fears despise.
31 Or did she doubt my heart was brave,
32 And therefore this injunction gave?
33 Or does her harvest store the place,
34 A treasure for her younger race?
35 And would she thus my search prevent?
36 I stand resolv'd, and dare th' event.
37 Thus said. He mounts the margin's round,
38 And prys into the depth profound.
39 He stretch'd his neck; and from below
40 With stretching neck advanc'd a foe;
41 With wrath his ruffled plumes he rears,
42 The foe with ruffled plumes appears;
43 Threat answer'd threat, his fury grew,
44 Headlong to meet the war he flew;
45 But when the watry death he found,
46 He thus lamented, as he drown'd.
47 I ne'er had been in this condition
48 But for my mother's prohibition.


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Title (in Source Edition): FABLE [20] XX. The Old Hen and the Cock.
Author: John Gay
Themes: animals
Genres: fable

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Gay, John, 1685-1732. FABLES. By Mr. GAY. London: Printed for J. Tonson and J. Watts, MDCCXXVII., 1727, pp. 67-69. [14],173,[1]p.: ill.; 4°. (ESTC T13818)

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