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An ODE To the Right Honourable STEPHEN POYNTZ, Esq; &c. &c.

Sensere quid mens rite, quid indoles
Nutrita faustis sub penetralibus
Doctrina sed vim promovet insitam,
Rectique cultus pectora roborant.
HOR. Od. 4. Lib. 4.
1 WHILST William's deeds and William's praise
2 Each English breast with transport raise,
3 Each English tongue employ;
4 Say, Poyntz, if thy elated heart
5 Assumes not a superior part,
6 A larger share of joy?
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7 But that thy country's high affairs
8 Employ thy time, demand thy cares,
9 You shou'd renew your flight;
10 You only shou'd this theme pursue
11 [Who] can for William feel like you?
12 Or who like you can write?
13 Then to rehearse the Hero's praise,
14 To paint this sunshine of his days,
15 The pleasing task be mine
16 To think on all thy cares o'erpaid,
17 To view the Hero you have made,
18 That pleasing part be thine.
19 Who first should watch, and who call forth
20 This youthful Prince's various worth,
21 You had the publick voice;
22 Wisely his royal Sire consign'd
23 To you, the culture of his mind,
24 And England blest the choice.
25 You taught him to be early known
26 By martial deeds of courage shewn:
27 From this, near Mona's flood,
28 By his victorious Father led,
29 He flesh'd his maiden sword, he shed,
30 And prov'd th' illustrious blood.
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31 Of Virtue's various charms you taught.
32 With happiness and glory fraught,
33 How her unshaken pow'r
34 Is independent of success;
35 That no defeat can make it less,
36 No conquest make it more,
37 This, after Tournay's fatal day,
38 'Midst sorrow, cares, and dire dismay,
39 Brought calm, and sure relief;
40 He scrutiniz'd his noble heart,
41 Found Virtue had perform'd her part,
42 And peaceful slept the Chief.
43 From thee he early learnt to feel
44 The Patriot's warmth for England's weal;
45 (True Valour's noblest spring)
46 To vindicate her Church distrest;
47 To fight for Liberty opprest;
48 To perish for his King.
49 Yet say, if in thy fondest scope
50 Of thought, you ever dar'd to hope
51 That bounteous heaven so soon
52 Would pay thy toils, reward thy care,
53 Consenting bend to ev'ry pray'r,
54 And all thy wishes crown?
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55 We saw a wretch with trait'rous aid,
56 Our King's and Church's rights invade:
57 And thine, fair Liberty!
58 We saw thy Hero fly to war,
59 Beat down Rebellion, break her spear,
60 And set the nation free.
61 Culloden's field, my glorious theme,
62 My rapture, vision, and my dream,
63 Gilds the young Hero's days:
64 Yet can there be one English heart
65 That does not give thee, Poyntz, thy part,
66 And own thy share of praise?
67 Nor is thy fame to thee decreed
68 For life's short date: when William's head,
69 For victories to come,
70 The frequent laurel shall receive:
71 Chaplets for thee our sons shall weave,
72 And hang 'em on thy tomb.


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Title (in Source Edition): An ODE To the Right Honourable STEPHEN POYNTZ, Esq; &c. &c.
Themes: politics; patriotism; glory of the British nation; fighting; conflict
Genres: ode
References: DMI 25807

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Dodsley, Robert, 1703-1764. A Collection of Poems in Six Volumes. By Several Hands. Vol. IV. London: printed by J. Hughs, for R. and J. Dodsley, 1763 [1st ed. 1758], pp. 239-242. 6v.: music; 8⁰. (ESTC T131163; OTA K104099.004) (Page images digitized by the Eighteenth-Century Poetry Archive from a copy in the archive's library.)

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