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1 COME, fair Dorinda, and, while Beauty glows
2 Warm on thy lovely cheek, auspicious come,
3 And animate my song! O may I gaze
4 On every charm, and from each shining grace
5 Catch inspiration! let thy genius aid
6 My lays unpractis'd, pour into my verse
7 The flow harmonious, while th' enchanted Muse
8 Relates the charms, which o'er the yielding heart
9 Perpetual reign, and hold resistless sway.
10 Diffusive Nature, who with liberal hand
11 Scatters her bounties round, and decks the Spring
12 In all its gay attire, the Virgin's cheek
13 Flushes with beauty, and adorns her brow
14 With charms attractive; shapes her faultless form
15 With skill unerring, on her breast bestows
16 The snowy hue, while o'er her shining neck
17 In wanton ringlets flows her ebon hair
[Page 173]
18 Dishevell'd, graceful, and her sparkling eyes
19 Dart kindling flame: majestic on she moves,
20 Conscious of native worth, and smiling love
21 Alluring. Hither, ye! whose hard'ned hearts
22 Ne'er felt a lover's pangs, ah! hither come,
23 To feel the force of Beauty: here survey,
24 In radiant lustre, the bewitching grace,
25 Which from the dawn of time o'er Nature held
26 Her soft domain. Since first the vital spark
27 Awak'd the human breast, and Man arose
28 To conscious being, the fair female form
29 Dazzled his eye, and thro' his panting breast
30 Shot Beauty's ray. When in primaeval Spring
31 Life uncorrupted roll'd its golden hours,
32 Free from th' attacks of Vice, as yet unsour'd
33 With Pain corroding; nor Disease had rear'd
34 Her snaky crest to blast their blooming days:
35 Then Beauty reign'd, and form'd the sacred tye
36 Connubial. Oft, amid the green retreat,
37 Where fanning zephrys play'd, the joyous Hour
38 Fled on the wings of Love: here Innocence,
39 And balmy Peace, and Friendship, heaven-born Power,
40 By Beauty heighten'd, o'er the human pair
41 Their choicest influence shed. Nor Beauty less,
42 Thro' long succeeding ages, o'er the heart
43 Her conquest held; devoted man attests
44 The pleasing truth, while at the syren voice
45 Of Music, thrilling the enchanting note,
46 He prostrate falls, the fond distracted prey
47 Of passions raging thro' th' enfever'd heart.
[Page 174]
48 So Nature wills; and while encreasing strength
49 Braces the nerves, and thro' the swelling veins
50 The blood fierce-boiling flows, subduing Love
51 Still reigns in man, to polish and refine
52 His barbarous mind: nor, till the soothing flame
53 Has seiz'd his heart, and thaw'd his frozen soul,
54 E'er can he relish the sublime delight
55 Of social transport, nor consenting feel
56 The sympathetic bliss, nor taste the sweets
57 Of hallow'd Friendship, nor affected hear
58 The voice of Woe, as oft she vents her moan
59 In wailings loud. The soft relenting heart,
60 Kind Pity's tear, the all-profusive hand
61 Of Charity, the generous flow of soul,
62 These are not his, who never yet has felt
63 The pangs of Love, o'er whom th' enchanting power
64 Of Beauty never reign'd, whose sullen breast
65 Ne'er glow'd with transport, and the anxious throbs
66 Which panting lovers know; but all his soul
67 Is solitary gloom, untaught to pour
68 The friendly fervor, and, with heart enlarg'd,
69 To breathe the warm benevolence of Love.
70 Come ye, who now your gayest moments pass,
71 And graceful flourish 'midst the shining throng,
72 Whilst life flies joyous, and your youthful years
73 Roll placid on, before the radiant throne
74 Of Beauty kneel. Whatever warms the breast
75 With noble purpose, what informs the heart
76 To melt, and moulds you into social man,
77 Is Beauty's power. From her poetic heat
[Page 175]
78 Derives new fire, and taught by her oft paints
79 The visionary scene, and touches all
80 The springs of passion: hers each winning grace,
81 And comely gesture hers: enfrozen Age,
82 Bending to earth beneath the weight of years,
83 With wrinkled front, and venerable hair,
84 Melts at her fair approach; he feels warm blood
85 Run thro' his wither'd veins, erect he lifts
86 His hoary head, and on his aged brow
87 Unusual gladness smiles, while his cold heart
88 Warm'd into fervor glows: her kindling voice
89 All rural nature hears, and starts amaz'd
90 To polish'd life. Thus when the rustic
t Alluding to Dryden's beautiful fable of Cymon and Iphigenia.
91 Saw sleeping Beauty, on the grassy bank,
92 Reclin'd at ease, and careless beaming round
93 Her charms attractive, while upon her face
94 Play'd all the laughing loves; surpriz'd he gaz'd,
95 And felt a thousand transports shoot along
96 His shivering nerves: now his unfeeling heart,
97 Unus'd to pant, with soft emotion heaves;
98 He trembling view'd, and all his soul was Love.
99 And ye, fair offspring of the bounteous hand
100 Of Nature, ye array'd in all the charms
101 Of vernal youth, flush'd on your comely cheek
102 By Beauty's balmy breath, while yielding Man
103 To you resigns his heart, and eager sighs
104 Low at your feet, and tells the moving tale
105 Of plaintive love: how, sleepless, on his couch
[Page 176]
106 He counts the tedious hours, or slumbering starts
107 From flattering visions, which delusive swim
108 Before his eyes; how busy Fancy paints
109 Your beauteous figure, in resplendent robes
110 Luxuriant floating, as you graceful move
111 In all the airs of love; and while he grasps
112 Th' imagin'd form, how lost in empty air
113 The fair illusion flies: how taste forgets
114 The poignant relish, and the spicy gale
115 To him no odours wafts: cheerless and sad
116 He wanders pensive to the lonely shade,
117 To blend his moanings with the whispering breeze,
118 While sympathetic glides the weeping rill
119 In many currents by, and there to thought
120 Devotes the gloomy hour, complaining oft,
121 In tender strains, how fair Amanda scorns
122 His melting heart, how slights the mournful tale
123 Of fond, despairing love; nor here can long
124 Indulge his woe, but restless with the crowd
125 Impatient mingles, solace there to find,
126 Amidst the tumult of a maddening world:
127 Still haunts the phantom, still his bosom burns
128 With unremitted pain, and Love resumes
129 His tyrant empire: how his alter'd looks,
130 Meagre and pale, speak the distracting fiend
131 Which on his vitals preys; how strength forsakes
132 His quivering limbs; how wrapt in awful gloom
133 Frail sickening nature pines away in woe.
134 O gently then, ye lovely conquerors! use
135 Your unresisted sway; forth stretch your arms,
[Page 177]
136 To raise from abject plight the fainting slave,
137 And on his tortur'd soul, propitious, pour
138 The balm of Hope; and now delighted taste
139 Love's fond delights, while Passion eager pants
140 In every vein, and warms your glowing breasts
141 With fairy prospects of transporting joys.
142 Nor, gay Amanda, tho', with sighs, to you
143 The plaintive Damon kneels, and vents his soul
144 In softly swelling strains: yet let not these
145 Dilate your heart; nor look with scornful air
146 On the gay rivals, who with you contest
147 Fair Beauty's prize, and vie, supreme, to shine
148 'Midst the soft circles, where indulgent flow
149 The soothing hours; where Music gently wakes,
150 Symphonious, every passion, and attunes
151 The soul to rapture, while diffusive joy
152 Spreads thro' the melting throng. For Beauty still
153 By Taste is prov'd, by her capricious law
154 It blooms or withers. You! who long have held
155 The willing Strephon, o'er th' obdurate heart
156 Of Damon never reign'd; while he, subdu'd
157 By bright Amanda, sighs his soul away
158 In unavailing moan. Far from your breast
159 Be banish'd Pride; the high assuming air
160 Ill suits the brow where Tenderness and Love
161 Should dwell distinguish'd: nor can Reason judge
162 Whose charms superior shine; some dazzling grace,
163 Still nameless, flashes on th' admiring eye.
164 Beyond description, fairer than her sex,
165 To me, Dorinda seems: how darts her eye
[Page 178]
166 Its soul-dissolving fires! how, o'er neck,
167 Gracefully careless, falls her auburn hair!
168 Her mien how soft! Can the pure mountain snow,
169 With her warm bosom, rising to the throbs
170 Of undissembled love, compare its white?
171 The rose its red with hers? Nor Strephon less
172 Adores his blooming bride; she fairer, she
173 Is Beauty's self, and as she gently moves
174 Her limbs, proportion'd with unerring skill,
175 A thousand radiant graces in her train
176 Alluring dance. Each nameless charm is hers;
177 And Love, and Joy, and Virtue, sit enthron'd
178 In every look and smile. Not varied more
179 The human face, with different features stampt
180 By Nature's forming hand, than Taste which views,
181 In objects different, various beauties glow.
182 O while ye glory in your youthful prime,
183 And yield attention to the syren voice
184 Of Praise; in that soft season, when the breast
185 A strange enchantment feels; when Pleasure pants
186 In every vein; and sparkles in the eye
187 Superfluous Health; then guard your rebel hearts
188 Against seducing Love. Suspend, ye fair!
189 These softer cares, and listen, while the Muse
190 Rises superior to the fading glare
191 Of mortal charms, and now essays to touch
192 The heart, and open to th' enraptur'd soul
193 More lasting Beauty, moral and divine,
194 Which grows in age, nor at the pale approach
195 Of death decays; but with unblasted grace
[Page 179]
196 For ever blossoms. Hail! bright Virtue, hail!
197 Propitious come, inspire my glowing breast
198 To sing of thee! Without thee, what are all
199 Life's gayest trappings, what the fleeting show
200 Of youth, or charms, which for a moment spread
201 Their visionary bloom, but withering die,
202 Nor leave remembrance of their fancy'd worth!
203 See, how adorn'd in heaven's ail-glorious pomp
204 Fair Virtue comes, and in her radiant train
205 Ten thousand beauties wait: behold she comes,
206 To sill the soul with never-ceasing joy!
207 Attend her voice, sweet as the solemn sounds
208 Of cherubs, when they strike their golden harps
209 In sacred concert, while the sky resounds
210 Symphonious. Hence, ye fond delusive dreams
211 Of fleeting pleasure! she the heart distends
212 With more enduring bliss: kindled by her,
213 The generous bosom breathes the social sire,
214 And beats responsive to the woes of man.
215 Now native Peace, and Harmony divine,
216 Dwell in the soul: to Reason's powerful law
217 Each passion yields; and her resistless sway
218 Struggling Corruption owns, nor dares assault
219 A heart confirm'd by her: and now the fame
220 Of Nature conquer'd by th' informing voice
221 Of Reason, thro' celestial mansions flies
222 On wings angelic: thro' the winding paths
223 Of life, fair Prudence guides, and points the road
224 To Happiness and Peace; while in the breast
225 Untainted Innocence and Freedom reign.
[Page 180]
226 These are the charms of Virtue, these will bloom
227 When time shall cease: ev'n Beauty's self by these
228 More lovely seems, she looks with added grace,
229 And smiles seraphic: nor shall hoary age
230 Their blossoms wither, but perpetual spring
231 Here shed her influence; while a showy world,
232 Its varnish losing, shall deceive no more,
233 And Nature, sickening at approaching fate,
234 Shall sink beneath its doom. Whate'er adorns
235 The female breast, whate'er can move the soul
236 With fervent rapture, every winning grace,
237 And mild endearment, tenderness and love
238 In fair Aspasia
u See this perfect character in Mr. Johnson's Irene.
shine; 'tis hers to charm
239 With elocution sweet, and all the flow
240 Of soft persuasion, while the sensual heart
241 Refines, and feels fair Virtue dawning there.
242 Nor ye, gay glittering tribe! who oft-times drink
243 Of Circe's poison'd cup, and down the stream
244 Of soothing pleasure all resistless flow
245 Enervate, deem unworthy of your wish
246 The charms of Virtue. While ye restless seek
247 The phantom Pleasure, where Indulgence plays
248 Her midnight gambols, o'er unstable paths
249 Ye heedless wander: as she points the way
250 Thro' her enchanting maze, th' illusive form
251 Conceals Destruction. While, with eager hope,
252 And mad Impatience, in a fond embrace
253 Ye grasp her panting, lo! the sorceress darts
[Page 181]
254 Her latent venom thro' your tortur'd nerves.
255 Then wakes Remorse; and, see! on yonder throne,
256 With woes surrounded, fell Disease displays
257 Her snaky crest, and o'er your guilty heads
258 Shakes all her horrors: Anguish, downcast Shame,
259 Succeed, and on the discontented brow
260 Satiety sits pale. The feeble knee,
261 Each nerve unbrac'd, beneath the fabric bends!
262 The tott'ring fabric falls! the shades of death
263 Now quench those orbs, that beam'd impure desire!
264 And, deeper yet, the gloom of black despair
265 A darkness to be felt! involves the soul!
266 O, dread this complicated curse! and turn,
267 With holy horror, from the paths of Vice!
268 Nor think, ye fair! the pensive Muse sorbids
269 The joys of Youth; she with complacent smile
270 Views ye light flutt'ring; she the social band
271 Joins chearful, and benevolent implores
272 Diffusive Nature on your heads to shed
273 Her gay profusion, lawish all her grace,
274 And in your bosoms pour the soul of love.
275 Lo! rosy Youth holds forth her pictur'd scene,
276 With garlands crown'd; and tow'ring Fancy now
277 Her gay creation paints: high swells the breast
278 With emulation, and joy-teeming life
279 Its gay allurements shews. Forth by your side,
280 In glittering grandeur, walks th' enraptur'd swain:
281 With graceful ease, attemp'ring conscious pride,
282 He spreads his glories to th' admiring eye.
[Page 182]
283 Awak'd by Love, and by the subtle flame
284 Of Beauty kindled, with assiduous care,
285 And fond submission, to the chearful haunts
286 Of Mirth he leads you, and while wandering o'er
287 Enchanted ground, oft tells the pleasing tale
288 Persuasive: gently flow the smiling hours
289 In social converse, innocently gay.
290 Come, Nature, best informer! kindly lead
291 Along the flowery walk, trod by the feet
292 Of youthful Pleasure; guide our heedless steps,
293 And safe conduct us to the bower of bliss!
294 Supreme Directress! she the breast instructs
295 To breathe love's purer flame, graceful improves
296 Each varied motion, beams th' expressive eye,
297 And gives to Beauty all her power to charm.
298 O! let her influence fill the different scenes
299 Of joy and love whether we careless stray
300 Along the painted mead, where fragrance blends
301 Her thousand sweets; or tread the lengthen'd walk,
302 While Music chears the soul, and vistas green
303 Rise to the view, and pour their fresh delights
304 On the bewilder'd eye; or if we move
305 Along the hall refulgent with the blaze
306 Of India's stores, and every measure trace
307 Or slow or sprightly, while the lover feels
308 Unusual transports rush upon his soul
309 In admiration lost. Ah! here, ye fair,
310 Your gayest moments pass: as to the touch
311 Ye yield your hand, with palpitations quick
[Page 183]
312 The snowy bosom heaves, and unreserv'd
313 Breathes the warm wish of kind consenting love.
314 Far from the bosom of the tender fair,
315 Where love alone should dwell, fly base deceit,
316 Nor stain with perfidy the sacred shrine.
317 Who's she that looks with high imperious mien,
318 In yonder walk, amidst her rivals, deck'd
319 In yellow robes resplendent? how she moves
320 With practis'd air, and darts her meaning glance
321 Amidst the throng! Thrown prostrate at her feet
322 The lover pleads, nor she the lover hears;
323 But swoln with pride of conquest scornful smiles.
324 Yet if arous'd, and conscious of his wrongs,
325 He bids the last adieu, she yet in store
326 Has thousand winning wiles: the blood forsakes
327 Her blooming cheek, and on her coral lip
328 Steals Paleness; while, adorn'd in all the charms
329 Of weeping beauty, she resistless holds
330 The lover still her own. With streaming eyes
331 Again he views her, and his yielding heart
332 Melts with returning Love. Inconstant still,
333 She, nor by pity mov'd, nor gratitude,
334 Nor awful virtue, to the sighing slave
335 Resigns her heart there Vanity still dwells,
336 'Midst her fantastic joys enthron'd, and plans
337 Unnumber'd conquests o'er admiring man.
338 Love is not hers, she never tastes the sweets
339 Of mutual rapture, mutual fond esteem,
340 Nor knows the charms of truth; her bosom beats
341 With other throbs. Anxieties and Fears,
[Page 184]
342 Ambition's train! vex her aspiring soul,
343 And Disappointment leaves its baleful sting.
344 Be this her portion! let her still possess
345 The dear deceits! Awake, delusive thoughts,
346 Self-adulation come, and in her breast
347 Your soft enchantments pour! Life's glories raise
348 The splendid scene, and deck th' exulting fair
349 In all your fancied pomp! Nor envy her,
350 Ye faithful few, whom the celestial grace
351 Of truth inspired! for, while she eager grasps
352 The flattering forms, they faithless all elude
353 Her fond embrace, and fleet in empty air.
354 The fair Amanda knows no practis'd guile
355 To captivate the soul: sweet innocence
356 And truth are hers, and beauty unadorn'd,
357 Save when diffusive steals the glowing blush,
358 And shews her bright in every virgin charm.
359 Her eyes no conquests seek, nor beats her breast
360 With anxious throbs; she Affectation's wiles
361 Nor practises nor knows: stranger to these,
362 She, only conscious of her virgin worth,
363 Heaves Nature's sighs, and, drest in Nature's grace,
364 All lovely seems, and moves attractive on
365 Amidst admiring swains: at her approach
366 Each bosom flutters, while the lovely maid
367 Nor scornful looks, nor with consenting smile
368 Bids Admiration all its incense pour
369 To her bewitching charms: yet on her brow
370 Modest Reserve oft sits, forbidding all
371 Love's wanton hopes. The fair Amanda thus
[Page 185]
372 Resistless empire holds; while aw'd we gaze
373 On every charm, and at a distance sigh.
374 Yet while the season of your blooming youth
375 Glides gently on, and liberal Nature showers
376 Her gayest blessings, peaceful, on your heads;
377 O! then let Science on your easy hours
378 Serenely steal: oft when the busy scene
379 Of meddling care, and fond officious love
380 Shuts on your eyes, and Solitude invites
381 To Meditation, let her mild infuse
382 Her sweet instruction: she the soul exalts
383 To dignity; for when, with knowledge blest,
384 Fair Beauty smiles upon the blushing brow,
385 Her soft persuasion wins the yielding heart
386 Resistless, each with glowing ardour hears
387 Her eloquence divine, the tuneful flow
388 Of sweetest periods, warbling from the lips
389 Where raptures hang: the captivated soul,
390 While Beauty triumphs, owns her boundless sway.
391 Oft let me wander thro' the green retreat,
392 Where Meditation dwells, and roses shed
393 Their mild perfumes, wak'd by the genial breath
394 Of May, while gently by the purling stream
395 Its crystal waters roll: to crown my bliss
396 Let sweet Ardelia come, on her attends
397 Each mild engaging grace, each nameless charm
398 Alluring; Nature, bounteous, on her brow
399 Beams all its beauties, and the soul by her
400 Is charm'd to rapture; she the mind informs
401 With knowledge, which from her persuasive tongue
[Page 186]
402 Alluring streams; while Music lends its voice
403 Melodious, and the Sapphic Muse awaits
404 Soft in her train, to breathe into her breast
405 Th' inspiring genius; she in melting lays,
406 Sweet as herself, in the warm bosom wakes
407 The fond delights of love. Here let us join
408 To sing of Nature, as we pleas'd survey
409 The beauteous landscape round, or frequent turn
410 The moving page, where glows poetic flame
411 And Harmony; with Nature's Shakespear rove
412 Thro' all the fairy regions, or oft fly
413 With Milton, boundless, thro' ethereal worlds.
414 Let raptur'd Fancy feel the circling year
415 Roll o'er our heads, and mark the changing scenes
416 Of Nature, drest in his immortal lays
417 Who sung the Seasons. Thus may gentle hours
418 In sweet improvement pass, and still return
419 Auspicious; for with thee, the beating heart
420 Feels fond emotion, and the soul dissolves
421 In speechless transport of increasing joy.
422 Ye lovely fair, while flowery chaplets bind
423 Your youthful brows, and o'er the verdant paths
424 Of gently gliding life, ye graceful sweep,
425 Array'd in purple pride; as on your breast
426 The diamond shines, and in your floating train
427 The ruby glows, and emeralds around
428 Beset the flying robe; while dazzling thus
429 In orient pomp, forgive if yet the Muse
430 In moralizing strains essays to draw
431 The evening veil o'er all the glitt'ring show.
[Page 187]
432 Vain is their blaze, which, like the noon-tide day,
433 Dazzles the eye: so flaunt the gaudy flowers
434 In vernal glory, wide diffusing round
435 Their odoriferous sweets, and shoot profuse
436 Their blossoms forth, and flourish in their May,
437 In Nature's livery clad; but when the sun
438 Beams in his pride, they droop their blushing heads,
439 Their blossoms wither, and their varied tints
440 Fade with his sultry rays. Behold, ye fair,
441 Your gay delusions, read in Nature's book
442 Their transitory life, how quickly fleets
443 The dream of pleasure, at the pale approach
444 Of death grim blasting all your pictur'd hopes.
445 So fell Amynta in her bloom of days.
446 Joy flush'd her brow, and Expectation swell'd
447 Her beating bosom; Love its tribute paid
448 To her bewitching charms, about to taste
449 Connubial transports, and in Damon's arms
450 To share the licens'd bliss: while Virtue's self
451 Beheld complacent the indulging pair.
452 Elated thus, the fair Amynta felt
453 The pangs of love; her wishes wing'd their flight
454 To future periods; in idea all
455 Life's softest blessings revell'd in her heart.
456 Oft did the lovers court the lonely shade,
457 Reclusely happy, there to mingle sighs
458 In Nature's warmth: thrown on the flowery lap
459 Of the fresh earth, where roses blush around,
460 They breath'd their mutual vows, and tasted all
461 Th' endearing sweets of uncorrupted love.
[Page 188]
462 Dear hapless fair, amidst her warmest hopes,
463 When Fancy figur'd all the tender scene
464 Of mutual rapture, she devoted fell
465 The mournful victim of the conquering hand
466 Of unrelenting Death: he dread approach'd,
467 And Nature trembled at his ghastly mien.
468 Her Damon now, in moving strains, laments,
469 And sadly pensive to her sacred tomb
470 He oft repairs, there drops a lover's tear,
471 While fond Remembrance opens all the scene
472 Of past delight, calls forth his beauteous bride
473 In visionary bloom once more to blaze
474 In all-attractive charms, till lost again
475 The phantom glides in air: all Nature wears
476 To him a face of woe; the valleys round
477 Re-echo doleful to his moving moan.
478 So Beauty fades, so fleets its showy life,
479 As droops the lily, clad in all its pride
480 Of rich array. Yet while the pensive muse
481 Touches the springs of grief, may no dark gloom
482 O'erwhelm your souls, for innocence survives
483 To bloom eternal: and while life invites
484 To view its gayer scenes, amidst the pomp
485 Of radiant courts, still chearful move along
486 Its flowery walks, and lead with jovial heart
487 The laughing moments on; for Beauty shines
488 First in the gaudy circles, and commands
489 Fond admiration. As Britannia's sons
490 Excel in every virtue, manly brave
491 Amidst th' alarms of fate, gen'rous, sincere,
[Page 189]
492 By glory kindled, may her virgins too,
493 Supremely fair, 'midst Beauty's brightest blaze,
494 In soft perfections shine; may Hymen wave
495 His purple wings, and o'er the sacred couch
496 His azure mantle spread, as down ye sink
497 In wedlock's chaste embrace, and oft renew
498 The hallow'd rapture: thus may peaceful life
499 Flow undisturb'd, nor jarring feud invade
500 Your happy hours. And ye, gay circles, now
501 Forgive the Muse, which daring thus has sung
502 Of Beauty's triumphs, tho' unequal far
503 To the delightful theme; yet Beauty charm'd
504 My soul, and pour'd into my glowing breast
505 Her fascination, led me thro' the maze
506 Of Love: nor unambitious of applause
507 She courts your smiles, yours is her pleasing song.
508 To you she warbles, and devoted pays
509 Her fond oblation to your radiant charms.
510 But chief indulgent, 'midst the shining throng,
511 Will fair Dorinda smile; she first inspir'd
512 My heart with Love, to her my early Muse
513 Her infant raptures pour'd; happy if now
514 Sweet flow my numbers on her judging ear,
515 And steal persuasive to her virgin breast.


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Title (in Source Edition): THE POWER OF BEAUTY.
Author: Robert Shiels
Themes: beauty
Genres: blank verse; essay
References: DMI 32297

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Pearch, G. A collection of poems in four volumes. By several hands. Vol. I. [The second edition]. London: printed for G. Pearch, 1770, pp. 172-189. 4v. ; 8⁰. (ESTC T116245; DMI 1122; OTA K093079.001) (Page images digitized from a copy in the Bodleian Library [(OC) 280 o.788].)

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