Verses addressed to H.S.H. the Margravine on the appointment of milk-woman to the Pope.

1 His Holiness deranged and ill
2 Was often heard to mutter
3 Throw to the dogs your nasty pill
4 I only long for butter.
5 St. Dominic said in a dream
6 Leo away with plaisters
7 And trust to butter and to cream
8 For curing your disasters.
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9 Each doctor long his art had tried
10 To drive away the spleen
11 Whoever spoke the Pope replied
12 "Butter and Margravine."
13 'Tis now resolved to wait no more
14 "Her butter to my knowledge"
15 The Pontiff cried, "is worth a score
16 Such quacks and all the College."
17 "We Popes are not so easily turn'd
18 I'll search the country round"
19 And at the Strozzi newly churn'd
20 The melting pot was found.
21 George our King may freely call
22 His Flower Girl Miss Fellowes
23 The Margravine's a name they all
24 May hear of and be jealous.
25 For now the dames may on their knees
26 Knock under as I hope
27 They'll not dispute the pas while she's
28 Milkwoman to the Pope.
29 Thus in sweet sympathy of state
30 Six kingdoms ruled shall be
31 The Pope rules heaven and earth and fate
32 Milk, cheese, and butter she.


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Title (in Source Edition): Verses addressed to H.S.H. the Margravine on the appointment of milk-woman to the Pope.
Genres: comic verse

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Craven, Elizabeth, 1750–1828. The Beautiful Lady Craven: the Original Memoirs of Elizabeth Baroness Craven afterwards Margravine of Anspach and Bayreuth and Princess Berkeley of the Holy Roman Empire (1750-1828). Edited with Notes and a Biographical and Historical Introduction containing much unpublished matter by A. M. Broadley & Lewis Melville. With 48 Illustrations. In Two Vols. London: John Lane The Bodley Head, 1914, pp. []-265. 

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