Smart, Christopher, 1722-1771. A Song to David. By Christopher Smart [poem only]. London: Printed for the Author; and Sold by Mr. Fletcher ... And by all the Booksellers in Town and Country, 1763. [2],22p.; 4⁰. (ESTC T105048)

  • DAVID the Son of Jesse said, and the Man who was raised up on High, the Anointed of the GOD of Jacob, and the sweet Psalmist of Israel, said, The SPIRIT OF THE LORD spake by Me, and HIS WORD was in my Tongue.

    2 Sam. xxiii. 1, 2.
  • A SONG to DAVID.


    Invocation, ver. 1, 2, 3. — The excellence and lustre of David's character in twelve points of view, ver. 4; proved from the history of his life, to ver. 17. — He consecrates his genius for consolation and edification. — The subjects he made choice of — the Supreme Being — angels; men of renown; the works of nature in all directions, either particularly or collectively considered, to ver. 27. — He obtains power over infernal spirits, and the malignity of his enemies; wins the heart of Michal, to ver. 30. — Shews that the pillars of knowledge are the monuments of God's works in the first week, to ver. 38. — An exercise upon the decalogue, from ver. 40 to 49. — The transcendent virtue of praise and adoration, ver. 50 and 51. — An exercise upon the seasons, and the right use of them, from ver. 52 to 64. — An exercise upon the senses, and how to subdue them, from ver. 65 to 71. — An amplification in five degrees, which is wrought up to this conclusion, That the best poet which ever lived was thought worthy of the highest honour which possibly can be conceived, as the Saviour of the world was ascribed to his house, and called his son in the body.

  • [A SONG to DAVID.]
  • FINIS.