Carey, Henry, 1687?-1743. The grumbletonians: or, the dogs without-doors. A tale. London: printed for J. Peele, 1727. 8p.; 2⁰. (ESTC T125553; OTA K100170.000)

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    THE Grumbletonians: OR, THE DOGS without-Doors. A TALE.

    Envy does Merit as its Shade pursue,
    But, like the Shadow, proves the Substance true.

    LONDON: Printed for J. PEELE, at Lock's-Head in Pater-noster-row. 1727. Price Six Pence.

  • THE Grumbletonians; OR, THE DOGS without-Doors.
  • Now in the Press, and will speedily be publish'd,

    Cat-in-Pan: Or, an occasional Conflict between the Author of Terrae Filius, and the Compiler of the Craftsman, in a Letter to N— A—, Esq a Friend of both Parties.

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