Holcroft, Thomas, 1745-1809. Elegies: I. On the death of Samuel Foote, Esq. II. On age. By Thomas Holcroft, ... London: printed for J. Bew, 1777. 24p.; 4⁰. (ESTC T107178; OTA K086061.000)



    II. ON AGE.

    BY THOMAS HOLCROFT, Of the Theatre Royal, Drury-Lane.

    LONDON, Printed for J. BEW, in Pater-Noster-Row. M DCC LXXVII.

    [Price One Shilling.]


    EVERY one who amuses himself with writing Works of Imagination, has a View to either Profit or Fame. Though the Author of the fol lowing Trifles does not pretend to be above such Mo tives, yet he hopes his Anxiety is not powerful enough to render him unhappy one Moment, should he be en tirely disappointed. He is sensible how much Success depends upon Circumstances. A Poem must be read before it can be admired; nay more, it must be read with some Share of that Temper and Spirit in which it was written, or it will appear languid. A good Character, or a bad one, given by those Gentlemen[Page iv] who take upon themselves the Office of Public Cen sors in literary Matters, will frequently, at least for a Time, determine its Fate. As he is entirely un known, he is not in any Dread of a partial Sentence. If these Poems are worthless, let them rest in that Oblivion which is the utmost Happiness Unworthiness can know: if the contrary happens to be the Case, he has no doubt but their Merits will be seen and acknowledged by every one whom Heaven has blest with Taste and Judgment sufficient to form the true Critic.

  • ELEGY I. ON THE Death of S. FOOTE, Esq.