1 Go, idle Boy! I quit thy pow'r;
2 Thy couch of many a thorn and flow'r;
3 Thy twanging bow, thine arrow keen,
4 Deceitful Beauty's timid mien;
5 The feign'd surprize, the roguish leer,
6 The tender smile, the thrilling tear,
7 Have now no pangs, no joys for me,
8 So fare thee well, for I am free!
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9 Then flutter hence on wanton wing,
10 Or lave thee in yon lucid spring,
11 Or take thy bev'rage from the rose,
12 Or on Louisa's breast repose:
13 I wish thee well for pleasures past,
14 Yet bless the hour, I'm free at last.
15 But sure, methinks, the alter'd day
16 Scatters around a mournful ray;
17 And chilling ev'ry zephyr blows,
18 And ev'ry stream untuneful flows;
19 No rapture swells the linnet's voice,
20 No more the vocal groves rejoice;
21 And e'en thy song, sweet Bird of Eve!
22 With whom I lov'd so oft to grieve,
23 Now scarce regarded meets my ear,
24 Unanswer'd by a sigh or tear.
25 No more with devious step I choose
26 To brush the mountain's morning dews;
27 To drink the spirit of the breeze,
28 Or wander midst o'er-arching trees;
29 Or woo with undisturb'd delight,
30 The pale-cheek'd Virgin of the Night,
31 That piercing thro' the leafy bow'r,
32 Throws on the ground a silv'ry show'r.
33 Alas! is all this boasted ease,
34 To lose each warm desire to please,
35 No sweet solicitude to know
36 For others bliss, for others woe,
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37 A frozen apathy to find,
38 A sad vacuity of mind?
39 O hasten back, then, idle Boy,
40 And with thine anguish bring thy joy!
41 Return with all thy torments here,
42 And let me hope, and doubt, and fear.
43 O rend my heart with ev'ry pain!
44 But let me, let me love again.


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Title (in Source Edition): THE ADIEU AND RECALL TO LOVE.
Author: Robert Merry
Themes: love
Genres: address

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Cowley, Mrs. (Hannah), 1743-1809. The Poetry of Anna Matilda. London: printed by John Bell, British Library, Strand, Bookseller to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. M DCC LXXXVIII., 1788, pp. []-13. [8],139,[1]p.; 8⁰. (ESTC T90094; OTA K073164.000) (Page images digitized by University of Minnesota Library.)

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